Antlerless Deer Hunter Program available |

Antlerless Deer Hunter Program available

Nebraska Game & Parks Commission
Lincoln, Neb.

Some parts of Nebraska have too many deer. The Antlerless Deer Hunter Program brings together landowners who have too many antlerless deer and hunters willing to harvest them.

Landowners often cannot find enough hunters willing to take antlerless deer, and hunters often cannot find hunting ground outside of public land. The purpose of the statewide program is to increase the harvest of antlerless deer in areas with excessive crop damage by helping landowners find hunters who will shoot does. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has authorized more than 250,000 permits and bonus tags this year that allow the harvest of antlerless deer.

Hunters can register for the program at by clicking on Hunting, Programs and then Antlerless Deer Hunter Program. Landowners can follow the same path to search the database by county for willing hunters and then contact them by telephone or e-mail.

Deer permits are available at or contacting your local Nebraska Game & Parks office.

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