Arapahoe County employee Debra Galle wins "Fair Person of the Year" |

Arapahoe County employee Debra Galle wins "Fair Person of the Year"

Employee Debbie Galle wins the Rocky Mountain Association of Fairs' "Fair Person of the Year" Award for her extraordinary contributions to the Arapahoe County Fair.

Recently the Rocky Mountain Association of Fairs announced Arapahoe County employee Debbie Galle as recipient of this year’s “Fair Person of The Year” Award. The award recognizes a staff member or volunteer who has contributed extraordinarily to their fair and RMAF and is one of the highest honors in the Fair Industry.

“Debbie’s enthusiasm and passion for the continued success of the Arapahoe County Fair is clearly evident as a recipient of this award,” said Arapahoe County Commissioner Chair Rod Bockenfeld. “From entertainers and vendors to contestants and fairgoers, Debbie is committed to creating a memorable fair experience for everyone.”

Galle is a resident of Colorado Springs and her extensive 16 year background in fairs and festivals sets her apart as a professional in the industry. She has had a tremendous impact on the industry in Colorado and the region, developing sponsor and training programming, customer service strategies, extensive vendor services and many other areas in a very complex industry.

As one of three certified Fair Executives in Colorado, Galle’s served as Director and Vice President of the Colorado Association of Fairs and is active in the Colorado Fair Managers group and numerous committees in several industry trade organizations. Galle also was selected as the “Colorado Fair Person of the Year” in 2004 and has conducted workshops throughout the nation.

During her tenure at the El Paso County Fair, Galle was instrumental in 13 international awards including: Gold and Silver Awards for “Best New Promotion” in 2001 and 2002 and “Best Media Campaign” in 2000 and 2004 with the International Association of Fairs and Events.

The 2011 Arapahoe County Fair is July 20-24. To learn more, become a fan on Facebook and sign up to receive the Arapahoe County Fair e-newsletter at

The Rocky Mountain Association of Fairs is a non-profit association established in 1926 that represents more than100 fairs and agricultural shows in the Rocky Mountain Region.

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