As American as a pork, bean and apple pie |

As American as a pork, bean and apple pie

LINCOLN, Neb. – Pork loin. Four types of dry beans. A couple of apples. Toss in a few other ingredients and bake in a pie. Yes – a pie!

No, this isn’t the latest food craze circulating through the culinary elite. It is the basis for the grand prize winning recipe in the New Pork & Beans Recipe Challenge sponsored by the Nebraska Dry Bean Commission and Nebraska Pork Producers Association.

“The winning recipe – Pork, Bean and Apple Pie – was the judges’ favorite,” said Todd Stuthman, chair of the Nebraska Pork Producers Association’s domestic marketing committee. “The creative mix of pork, beans, apples, onions, cinnamon and cayenne pepper combined and baked in a pie crust offers a great mix of flavors served in an interesting way.”

Pam Lam of Seward, Neb., created this grand prize winning recipe and received the $1,000 top award.

Staff from the Dry Bean Commission and Nebraska Pork Producers Association narrowed the dozens of entrants to the top 10 recipes that created flavors and dishes beyond traditional pork and beans fare.

“Pork, Bean and Apple Pie is incredibly creative and tasty, but the other winning recipes, including a sweet wild rice and pork salad and tango lime pork wraps, are excellent. Simply delicious,” said Lynn Reuter of the Nebraska Dry Bean Commission. “There were so many good recipes it was difficult to choose the top five.”

The second place recipe and $500 went to Carol Hassebrook of Bellwood, Neb., and her Sweet Wild Rice and Pork Salad recipe.

Third place and $250 went to Jane Galley of Columbus, Neb., for her Pork Enchilada Casserole creation. Fourth place honors and $150 went to Dana Ball of Valparaiso, Neb., and her Tango Lime Pork Wraps recipe, while fifth place and $75 went to Bri Buser of Lincoln, Neb., and her Grilled Pork Tenderloin and a Spanish-Style Cassoulet dish.

All five recipes are available in a special brochure at the Nebraska Pork Producers website,, under the “Consumers” tab.

“We want to thank everyone who got creative and submitted a recipe that combines the flavors of today’s lean pork and dry beans, which are a great source of low-fat fiber and protein,” Reuter said. “Nebraska is the country’s top producer of dry beans and a leading producer of pork. We had a lot of fun tasting so many creations that combined these Nebraska products in different ways.”

This was the second year for the New Pork and Bean Recipe Challenge. Last year’s winner was Cowboy Pizza, which was created by Jerlyn Hohnholt of North Platte, Neb.

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