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Dawn Adams, Ph.D.

Dawn Adams, Ph.D., has taught everyone from families in museum programs to faculty in special seminars about the marvels of animal movement for nearly 35 years. She got her doctorate in vertebrate paleobiology, with an emphasis in the biomechanics of large animal locomotory systems, at the University of California, Berkeley, in 1986. She was a university professor for 13 years at Presbyterian College and Baylor University, where she taught comparative anatomy, functional morphology, and biomechanics to undergraduate and graduate students. During this time she carried out research in stress analysis, ran a successful graduate program in animal biomechanics, and served as a consultant to zoos whose large animals were having problems with their legs, feet, and backs. In 1998 Dawn founded a non-profit for public education about the natural world, and she still serves as the organization’s senior scientist. She has been awarded 5 prestigious grants from the National Science Foundation for science education and was the recipient of national excellence in teaching awards. Dawn has ridden casually since childhood and studied Western reining training as a young woman in college. Today she enjoys riding, training, and just generally spending time with mustangs and quarter horses for pleasure. She is a registered member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. You can find more information about Dawn’s work at her website,

Kay Aubrey-Chimene

Kay Aubrey-Chimene, RMT, CPTI is internationally recognized as the authority for Photopuncture and Light Therapy – education, equipment and supplies.  She is also a well known Bio-Nutritional Consultant specializing in alternative health approaches for horses and pets. The Owner and Director of Grand Adventures Ranch – Holistic Equine Wellness Center, Kay focuses on a ** Cleanse ** Nourish ** Balance approach for helping animals return to vibrant health.  She has developed and implemented successful therapeutic programs at the ranch for horses afflicted with a wide variety of metabolic problems from DSLD and founder to cancer. She has also created protocols that assist people to bring their equine partners back to Optimal Wellness in the convenience of their home barn. Kay turns to Photopuncture and Light Therapy first – before drugs or other modalities – for everything from athletic Performance Tune-Ups to serious injuries. Her expertise includes the full range of light therapy devices – from Photonic Torches to Photopuncture Systems. .

Kim Baker

Kim Baker is the founder of KB Natural Horsemanship; the most integrated methodologies, Kim helps to educate horse owners about the simple things they can do to improve their horse’s lives. This results in a deeper relationship with your horse, a stronger partnership and ultimately more knowledge about yourself. Kim is a horse trainer, riding lesson instructor and Reiki Master who incorporates holistic healing modalities into her horsemanship programs. She writes for local and national magazines, and international online information sites. In her field, Kim stands out in that she works with the whole horse (mind, body, spirit) as an individual instead of a one size fits all approach by incorporating holistic healing modalities into her programs.  Kim’s passion is helping horses and people are the best they can be and have a wonderful relationship. Kim assesses each horse and rider to develop customized training packages that assist horse and rider in achieving their goals. Kim has studied animal communication, saddle fit, muscle testing, and craniosacral therapy.

Debbie Bibb

Debbi Bibb, like many equine professionals, discovered her passion for horses as a child, yet she discovered her love for trail riding and teaching while working as a trail riding instructor at the National Girl Scout Center of the West in Wyoming.  This led her to Pikes Peak Outfitter’s school, where she was one of the few women to graduate as a certified outfitter. She has also a certified trainer by John Lyons.  As a professional clinician, Debbie is driven to help nurture the essential relationship between horse and rider as well as promote and improve trail riding. “I believe that trail-riding is the most diversely challenging and most under-rated talents in the equine industry,” says Bibb. Debbie has developed her own training program called “Building the horse of a lifetime.” She has also presented at a variety of horse expos, been featured in magazines including “Today’s Horse Journal”, and “Western horsemen” and appeared on The Horse TV Channel with her “Creating the ultimate trail horse” Demonstration.

Mike Brashear

Find the thing you would gladly do for free and then find a way to get paid to do it. That is the key to success in life and Mike Brashear’s philosophy. He developed a passion for horses at a very young age. He sought out every piece of education and experience possible to allow him to make horses his livelihood. This includes riding with some of the horse training greats as well as attending the equine program at LCCC in Cheyenne, Wyoming. That drive has allowed Mike to professionally train horses for the last twenty years. Mike concentrates on foundation to finished horses using natural and traditional methods to create a relationship between horse and rider. His focus is solid horsemanship with a love for Ranch Horse Versatility. Not only does he understand how to get horses to the level they need to be at, but he makes sure riders reach those achievements with their horse. Mike’s goal is for horse and rider to work as one. Check out Mike’s website at

Bonnie Brindle

Bonnie Brindle has been a student of the horse for 4 decades. Coming of age in Eastern MA, Bonnie enjoyed relationships with myriad equines, which created a lifetime love and respect for their magnificent spirits. As a teen, she was employed in the North Shore horse world as a hunt seat equitation and western riding instructor, a Myopia Polo groom, trail guide, and horse camp counselor. These activities, as well as hunter-jumper showing and competitive trail riding, have all confirmed her understanding of the horse as a being of intelligence, sensitivity, and grace.

Upon moving to Colorado, Bonnie gained a two-year opportunity developing a quarter horse colt in the Natural Horsemanship Training system, building the first connection to her current work. She has had the privilege to learn from trainers and clinicians including Marty Marten, Julie Goodnight, Buck Brannaman, Larry Whitesell, and Bryan Neubert. Today, Bonnie is a PATH Int’l Registered Instructor. She has volunteered for Colorado Therapeutic Riding and Rocky Mountain Riding Therapy in Boulder, CO. In the private sector, she assists horse owners in building their confidence and leadership abilities in the equine realm.

Through her psychotherapy practice, Soul of the Wild, LLC, Bonnie focuses on horse owners whose daily stresses, anxieties, and life transition energies affect their horse relationships in challenging ways. Calling upon her understanding of how the horse experiences the human/horse relationship, and the blocks that humans create in the face of uncertainty, Bonnie has been successful in helping horse lovers rediscover the trust that connects them fully and safely to their equine partners.

Dan Craig

As a farrier and an advocate for barefoot hoof care Dan Craig has a diverse background. Being a farrier since 1976 Craig has seen all types of horses and has learned from the best, including Kearny Hillared, who was the farrier for the United States Equestrian Team. He is both a rehabilitator for Naviciular and founder as well as a farrier who founded the Four Corner Horseshoeing Contest, in Durango Colorado. Craig is also one of the first farriers certified by the American Farriers Association. Since 2004 Craig has had an emphasis on barefoot method and its importance He has trimmed feet and done presentations across Colorado. When he is not doing presentations he lives and works in Franktown, Colorado.

Jonathan Field

Jonathan travels across North America appearing at expos and teaching students of all skill levels. Performing with several of his own horses of different breeds, Jonathan has a distinct talent for teaching people how to elevate their horsemanship and take their horses to higher levels of accomplishment – and he does it with humor and kindness. He continually explores the realm of equine psychology and is always developing innovative ways to improve on the horse/human relationship and how to teach that to others. Jonathan has also documented his horsemanship teachings in home study DVDs that have proven successful for horse people around the world. A gifted clinician and teacher, Jonathan Field was presented the 2010 Readers Choice Award for Exceptional Equestrian by Canadian Horse Journals Magazine. Determined to be the best horseman he can be, he is also driven to share his knowledge.

Julie Goodnight

Communicating clearly with Horses and Riders on TV as the Horse Master. You know Julie Goodnight as The Horse Master on her new RFD-TV television show. Through her varied background—riding and training horses in dressage, jumping, racing, reining, colt-starting, and versatility ranch work, and wilderness riding—Julie has discovered the underlying principles important to any type of riding. She communicates clearly with horses and riders in any discipline and at any level. Julie travels coast-to-coast—and beyond—throughout much of the year to help horses and riders at horse expos, conferences, clinics, and while filming for her television “makeover” show. Julie has been featured in the top equestrian publications, including Western Horseman, Horse & Rider, Equus, Perfect Horse and America’s Horse. Her syndicated columns appear in over 15 regional publications throughout North America. Her interactive websites, and reach an even wider audience. Julie is also the International Spokesperson for the Certified Horsemanship Association—known as CHA. She resides near Salida, Colorado, at her private horse ranch with her husband, Rich Moorhead, the CEO of Monarch Ski and Snowboard Area.

Kami Guildner

Passions, purpose and the vision to align them. It is with these fundamentals that Kami Guildner founded Syzygy™ Consulting & Coaching.  Her experience of growing up in the Colorado Mountains, streams and the wide open plains on the back of a horse painted views of possibilities and potential.  Her deep understanding that nature, horses and the spirit of the outdoors brings clarity, provides space to dream, and opens our eyes to views of worlds unseen before us, is grounded in Syzygy.  She knew she had a gift for finding purpose and the grit to get there.  She wanted to share this gift.  And with this, Syzygy was born. With two decades of experience inspiring and leading diverse teams in complex, multi-national organizations, Kami’s leadership reputation is one of collaboration, vision and a committed focus on the value of “team.”  Creating a lasting impact in every organization she has touched, she has transformed strategies, brands, processes and customer relationships.  Over the course of her career she’s worked in technology, energy, aerospace and smart home industries in both large and small companies. Kami holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Colorado at Denver with an emphasis in International Business and Marketing.  She is trained in Appreciative Inquiry change management methodology, holding a certificate in Appreciative Inquiry and the Practice of Positive Change. She is a certified trainer in the Corporation for Positive Change Appreciative Leadership Development Program©. Kami is also a certified Equine Guided Educator and a member of the International Coaching Federation.

Dolly Hannon

Born Westport, Connecticut, Dolly graduated Colorado State University with a B.S. degree in Horticulture , minor in animal science, and a teaching certificate in riding. She has taught Dressage in Golden, Colorado at the same barn for over 30 years and recently relocated to Legacy Valley farm in Arvada, Co. where she teaches and trains. Dolly travels extensively to judge and speak at clinic. Dolly is a USEF “S” dressage judge and the current chair person of the USDF freestyle committee and past member of the judges committee. She helped write and launch the USDF continuing education program for “L” grads and judges and is a USDF bronze, silver, and gold medalist with several students with all three medals as well on horses they trained themselves. A USDF certified instructor, Dolly still competes and has coached several young riders to the championships, as well as a para equestrian athlete. Dolly loves to judge, ride and teach and feels privileged every day to do what she loves and to share that love with her students.

Van Hargis

Van Hargis has been called one of today’s most versatile horsemen, a designation that reflects a lifetime devoted to learning-and communicating-the elements of superior horsemanship as applied in a variety of disciplines. Van started riding horses when he was only four years old and launched his career as a trainer at twelve when the wife of world-renowned saddle maker Billy Cook hired him to train her horse. He spent much of his youth in the saddle, working cattle at ranches around his Texas home. Van and the horses he’s trained have excelled in show and rodeo events like ranch horse versatility (his specialty), western pleasure, trail classes, calf roping, team roping, and steer wrestling. Van’s experiences with horses taught him valuable lessons about horses in particular and life in general. His genuine interest in people motivated him to share those lessons with others. He began developing his unique horsemanship seminars in 1991 while living in New Zealand. In 1992, Van returned to Sulphur Springs, Texas, where he established his own training facility, specializing in colt-starting and ranch horse versatility. Van’s practical experiences on the ranch and in competition, coupled with a dynamic speaking ability, have made him one of the most highly requested clinicians at equestrian facilities and events across the country. He has worked successfully with horses from many disciplines, including both working ranch horses and show horses in western pleasure, hunter-jumper, and dressage. In horsemanship and in life, Van firmly believes there’s “nothing but the basics,” and that those basics are the same no matter what equestrian discipline appeals to you. Van has shared his message in his seminars, in radio and television interviews, and in articles that have appeared in regional and national print publications. With relaxed humor, Van teaches practical horsemanship skills that audience members can take home and put to immediate use, using his interactions with the horse to emphasize the most fundamental lesson: the need for a solid foundation in horse training and in everyday life. From colt-starting clinics to ranch roping demonstrations, from lessons on fear, trust, and confidence to seminars on ranch horse versatility, Van tailors his presentations to the audience’s needs and communicates his practical methods and messages in a way that lets each participant leave the event entertained, educated, and inspired.

Kristin Hungenberg

Kristin Hungenberg is an EponaQuest Instructor and owner of Four Directions Horse Farm, LLC. EponaQuest is a program that is similar to life coaching where horses are the co-facilitators. Kristin has twenty-four years of teaching experience and over thirty years of horse experience in riding, showing, training and breeding. She is also a member of the Holistic Horse Care Cooperative. She is constantly looking for ways to deepen the horse/human bond, as well as developing a better inner connection.

Carol Kornitor

Healing Touch for Animals® Founder Based on years of experience working with world class trainers, veterinarians, animal shelters, private clients and through extensive studies, Carol Komitor formulated the curriculum for the multilevel energy medicine program known as Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA). Healing Touch for Animals® techniques were created and cultivated by Carol through study, practice and experiential knowledge. As a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and Instructor, Certified Massage Therapist and Certified Hospital Based Massage Therapist, Carol witnessed the powerful, often dramatic, effects of energy medicine on humans. Her experience since 1991 as both a veterinary technician and a Healing Touch Certified Instructor/Practitioner inspired her to develop energy medicine techniques for animals. Carol’s passion for animals and her knowledge of energy medicine brought about a program of hands-on courses offering a cooperative model that bridges holistic animal healthcare with traditional veterinary medicine. Today, Carol has an active Healing Touch for Animals® and their people, practice in Colorado. Her continued, close connection with the work has allowed Carol to keep expanding her knowledge and understanding of both the healing process and energy medicine. She is recognized as one of the leading experts in essential oils for animals and has also developed techniques which incorporate tuning forks for use in sound therapy. Her private practice gives her the opportunity to develop new effective techniques to aid in the healing of animals.

Kerry Kuhn

Kerry’s passion for horses and training started at a very young age and has grown into a lifelong pursuit.  He was born in Medicine Lodge, KS, in 1975 and has worked with horses ever since.  At the age of 12, Kerry started his first two year old colt with the help of his grandfather, Dale Lukens.  From then on, Kerry was motivated to learn as much as he could about communicating with horses and spent many days working horses and gathering cattle for local ranches with Dale.  In high school, Kerry competed in rodeo as a calf, team and steer roper.  He also spent several years training young thoroughbreds at a local racetrack. This diverse background built Kerry’s passion and love for communicating with horses and led him to see how important it was to help others become better leaders and communicators with their horses.  Since the mid 90’s, Kerry has held horsemanship demonstrations and clinics at events such as Equine Affaire, Equifest of Kansas, the American Royal and the Missouri Equine Expo.  Kerry has also been a national ambassador for Purina Mills’ Equine Influential Team for many years and given numerous Horse Owner Workshop (HOW) demonstrations around the country. Kerry’s ability with both a horse and an audience have led him to be a guest clinician at the Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration, the featured clinician at the inaugural Arizona Horse Fair and Expo, and a judge for Craig Cameron’s Extreme Cowboy Race World Finals.  He served as the official clinician on “Best of America by Horseback” for several years, a popular show on RFD-TV.  Kerry has also won numerous colt starting competitions in the last few years as these events have gained in popularity.  His victories include Equine Experience (CA), the American Royal (MO) and most recently Equifest (KS). 

Jim Lauter and Regina Wendler

Jim Lauter, inventor of The Balance Rider, earned his degree in Exercise Science at the University of Colorado. Always involving himself in cutting edge technology, Jim has developed a special expertise in the fields of proprioceptor exercise and core training. Married to a lifetime horsewoman, Jim conceived the idea for The Balance Rider to address the significant difference between seated and standing balance, and to specifically target––from a unique seated position––the core muscles and proprioceptors that are so vital to the equestrian AND to the overall well-being of the human body. As an educator, Regina’s focus is improving the unique partnership between each horse and rider. To do this she believes in creating a well-rounded experience for each of her students. After a variety of achievements on the East Coast hunter jumper circuit, Wendler began training young, successful show horses. In 1990 she moved to Colorado and made teaching her main focus. On top of this, Wendler has become a driven dressage competitor, becoming a USDF (United States Dressage Federation) Silver Medal Award recipient.

Christoph Lensing

Lensing began equestrian vaulting at the age of 8 on the German team near his hometown . In the period from 1988 to 1996, he was three times World and European champion and four-times German National champion. He holds the male medal record – with three gold (1989, 1993 & 1995) as well as silver in 1991. After ending his career as a vaulter, he remained committed to the sport of vaulting as a world class coach and clinician.  He is a sought after throughout the world giving clinics throughout Europe as well as in Australia, South Africa, Hong Kong, and North & South America He also serves on the advisory board for the Equestrian Vaulting Association of Westphalia. He and his wife, Elke Schelp Lensing, who is a world class trainer & longuer of vaulting horses continue to live & teach in Germany at their training facility. 

Kim Leonard

Kim Leonard is the trainer for Bit of Honey Training LLC in Fort Collins, CO. She has 20 years of experience riding, training, and competing with a focus on teaching dressage, jumping, and eventing. While those are her specialties, she has also spent several years doing competitive trail riding, cattle work, competing on the A circuit in western equitation and trail, and rode both English and western on the APHA and PtHA circuits in New England. Because of that diversity, Kim sees the value in, and feels there is merit to, all types of riding and styles of training. This also allows Kim to work with many different types of horses and riders and help them find the discipline in which they would be happiest. The highest priorities in training with Kim are 1 – safety, 2 – fun, and 3 – working towards client goals. Kim can be contacted through

Jody Marken

Jody Marken has been involved with horses since childhood, both as an Amateur and a Professional. She has competed in Hunter/Jumper shows, Dressage and Eventing. She enjoys trail riding, having fun with cross country Pair Paces and participating in horsemanship and cow-working clinics. Jody owns and operates Two Spruce Farm. She teaches lessons and has helped many people safely enter the world of horses. Jody and Marty Marten (clinician, trainer and author) currently offer Trail Obstacle clinics that help establish better communication and trust between riders and their horses as they work through different challenges in a safe, positive environment – while having fun together.

Jody founded the Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center, a horseback riding program for handicapped children and adults, 32 years ago and has worn many hats there – from Director to Instructor to supporter. She has volunteered for many horse events and helped many horse organizations. Jody is a USEF “r” Judge for Hunters and Hunt Seat Equitation. A student of the horse, she has an open mind for learning new, more effective and interesting communication techniques with the horse. In her “other than horse life”, Jody is a physical therapist, Therapy supervisor for Boulder Community HomeCare. Drawing from her personal and professional experience with fear, Jody wants to help people reestablish the satisfaction of working with their horses.

Yossi Martonovich

Husband and wife team Noel and Yossi Martonovich have been training, riding and teaching dressage and vaulting for more than thirty years. Both have master’s degrees in special education. They are currently co-owners of the Little Spring Academy of Equestrian Arts in Golden, Colorado. The couple also created Golden Gate Vaulters in 1994, which has become a world-renowned vaulting team that has performed around the world. Their son Eric is also an accomplished vaulter who owns and runs the vaulting group Big Horse Productions.

Jim Masterson

Jim Masterson, author of Beyond Horse Massage: A Breakthrough Interactive Method for Alleviating Soreness, Strain and Tension, specializes in equine massage for the performance horse. His clientele range from the United States Equestrian Team, where he was invited to accompany the Endurance Team to the World Cup and World Endurance Championships from 2006 – 2012, and equine clientele competing at FEI Nation’s Cup, Pan American, and members of the USET Jumping and Driving team competitors where he uses his techniques to release stress in key junctions of the body that most affect performance. We know that Equine Massage is an emerging niche in today’s equine marketplace. Many horse enthusiasts are recognizing the value of bodywork on their equine partners. We think your attendees would be interested in someone who has perfected his own technique and is at the top of the sport using his expertise. The beauty of his work, and what sets it apart, is that Jim shows how the use of light touch, and the horse’s response to that touch, is an important cyclical function and a fundamental guide to the bodywork. Once you understand which responses to look for, the horse will show you where to work and for how long. With the horse as an active participant in the process, this opens a new avenue of communication between horse and owner! Jim Masterson has presented at Equitana Asia Pacific, Equine Affair, Western States Horse Expo, Horse Expo Pomona, CA and various State Affiliated Horse Expos. His book and companion DVD: Beyond Horse Massage has been favorably reviewed in, Horse and Rider magazine, Equus, Horse Journal, Practical Horseman, Dressage Today among others, and many articles have been written about Jim and the Masterson Method™ that can be accessed through his Media webpage at:

Heidi McLaughlin

From the time she began to talk, Heidi McLaughlin has been crazy about horses. She had a collection of plastic horses on her window sill and freaked out every time she saw a horse in real life. All Heidi ever wanted to do was ride one. Sadly, her first experience in the saddle at eight years old was anything but wonderful when her grandmother’s horse ran away with her and scared her half to death. While her passion was still there, the terrifying experience left her with a paralyzing fear of the creatures that she loved so much; a fear that would take more than half her lifetime to overcome. While her parents didn’t share in her passion for horses, her husband, Pete did. And after their three children were grown, he recognized that his wife’s obsession was not going to go away and so he gave her his unconditional support as she bought and sold horse after horse searching for the perfect match. But Heidi didn’t know at the time that her fear was so deep-seeded that no horse on earth would ever be right for her until she first dealt with her fear; thus beginning the long and frustrating journey into fearless horsemanship. “K.I.C.K. Your Fear of Horses” was written by Heidi McLaughlin as a result of her quest to find her confidence with horses but not finding many resources out there to help her.

Barbara T. Page, DVM, ICVA and Ashley Edge, DVM

Colorado Equine Clinic – Born in Denver, Colorado, Dr. Barbara Page knew at the age of five she wanted to be an equine veterinarian. Although there were no women equine veterinarians at that time, her drive to be one was so real that she was motivated through all of her education to pursue veterinary medicine and she received her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 1977 from Colorado State University School of Veterinary Medicine. After a private practice in Boston for two years, she returned to Colorado and was the first woman to practice as an equine veterinarian, spending the next nine years at Littleton Large Animal Clinic. In 1988 she started a private practice and built the Colorado Equine Clinic, PC in 1995, where she continues to practice with passion for veterinary medicine and a commitment of service to all horse owners. Her special interests are the foot and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. In 1994, Dr. Page founded the Equine Wellness Foundation, a 501C-3 with the mission to improve the bond between horses and people through the research of disease and treatment of foot disease. Devoted to family, her greatest passion is being a good mother. She enjoys riding horses, presently Western and trail disciplines, and is a continuation of her early years when she was Rocky Mountain Equitation Champion as a 13 and under. Dr. Ashley Edge loved horses from the beginning, filling My Little Pony barns full of little pampered ponies. However, it was as a teenager in Ohio that she first learned to ride and discovered that horses were an integral part of her life. She began mucking stalls in exchange for riding lessons, and through a 4-H program and her “second family,” started showing a Pony of the Americas in English and Western flatwork. Eventually, she convinced her parents to let her use part of her college savings to buy a quarter horse, whom she showed and loved for 10 years. Her mare gave her the inspiration to become a veterinarian. A particularly bad bout of colic resulted in major surgery, and Ashley was awed by the people who saved the love of her life. From that point on, she wanted nothing more than to be able to do the same for other people and their horses. Dr. Edge studied Biomedical Science at Texas A&M University (Whoop!), and did her first 3 years of veterinary school on the island of Grenada at St. George’s University. She completed her last year of school at Cornell University, graduating from SGU in 2011. After school, she was accepted as an intern at Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky. There, she discovered she had a special interest in lameness and internal medicine. After her internship ended, she headed west to Colorado Equine Clinic. In her free time, Ashley enjoys hiking, running, scuba diving and riding. Although she does not have a horse right now, she has a fluffy cat to entertain and hopes to adopt a retired racehorse in the near future!

Melisa Pearce

25-year veteran of horse and human healing movement, Melisa Pearce shares her groundbreaking methods and theory. As a lifelong horsewoman, breeder of champion horses and Gestalt psychotherapist, Melisa created the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method® and a highly comprehensive certification Program. Her comprehensive method combines the modality of Gestalt as an experiential method and encompasses the body somatics or energy fields of both the horse and the human. Working closely with the sentient messages from the horses, Melisa assists her clients to establish clarity. Through the work their unfinished business of life is completed. Her work supports horse owners in forming deeper roots of connection with their horse where a more meaningful bond with them can emerge. Many of her clients are also people who are unfamiliar with horses but trust they can receive wisdom for themselves through her work.

Melisa was nationally awarded and recognized as one of the “Top 50 Most Influential Horsewomen” by Horse South magazine. She has authored a variety of books, decks and CDs and has been featured on radio, TV and in several magazines. Denver’s own 5280 Magazine recognized Melisa’s retreats as the number one spiritual retreats in Colorado.

In 2008, to share her knowledge and method, the EGCM® Certification Program through Touched by a Horse began. Today the program supports over 100 students from all over the US, Canada and Internationally, studying her unique methods. EGCM® Certified graduates are developing careers working with horses in the expanding area of horse and human emotional healing. Melisa has been a popular clinician at the Equine Affaire in both in Ohio and Pomona as well as the Equine Extravaganza Virginia and North Carolina. Here in Colorado she loves being a clinician and sharing with her home state audiences at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo and the Holistic Horse Fair. Her work has been featured in a variety of publications from APHA Journal, American Cowboy, Horse Connection, Networking Inc., Colorado Lifestyles to name just a few . . . all showcasing as she says that her work is on the behalf of horses everywhere!

Kathleen Rossi

Kathleen’s mission is to teach relationship building between horse and human and to develop an intimate understanding of horse psychology and physiology through progressive horse keeping. As an equine professional she offers an integrated approach to helping horse owners become educated in keeping their horses healthy. She is a Licensed Parelli Professional, a Jr. 2 Star Instructor, a Natural Barefoot Trimmer and an Equine Photonic Health Specialist. She hopes her methods influence integrity deeper than horse keeping, and that her instruction offers inspiration for education.

Rich Scott

I’m residing in Byers Co. and have been a student of horses and horsemanship my whole life. I have 35 years professional experience and over 4000 head of horses. I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by some of the greatest influences a person could ever ask for! My dad was my first great influence and a great horseman; and that was at a time when horsemanship was not a household subject. The horse’s life was always right out on the surface, with a mental, emotional, and physical balance that was unparalleled by anything I’d ever seen. His horses weren’t troubled, the horse trusted, and believed in him. My dad gave me the experiences to observe, remember, and compare.

Ray Hunt was my next great influence. I met Ray Hunt, the horseman’s horseman, in the fall of 1991. Ray had caught my attention because he worked right from where the horse was. He gave me so much to THINK about and to work on when it came to the horse’s perspective. You can’t know Ray without learning about Tom Dorrance. Tom also played a big part in my journey to become who I am today! Tom taught me to look at the good in things even in the midst of difficulty. And last but not least, The Horse! To me, the horse was my greatest teacher of all! They have taught me to look for and recognize the smallest change and the slightest try. It is a detriment to the horse when I miss the smallest changes or slightest tries and do not allow the horse to search for and find the right answer. Even though there is no wrong answer. Learning to operate from where the horse is and not from where the human thinks the horse is, or should be, is one of the things I teach so the horse doesn’t have to protect themselves. This helps them become a willing partner so the horse and human can become united. Having a good solid set of basics is preparing to the position for the transition and not letting the transition get out ahead of the preparation. Some of the things that I have mentioned can be hard to conceptualize, but these are the things I have been hearing and studying my whole life and the horse proves time and time again, that these things are in fact true! I’m looking forward to getting together with you and your horse and finding the unity between you and your horse.

Cliff Swanson

Cliff Swanson trains the mind of a horse through trust and understanding focusing on the positive. The horse learns from the ground up through a step by step process beginning with a solid foundation in classical dressage. For the movement as they progress to a balanced union of horse and rider being one, together. Cliff founded the “Smart Start” clinics on colt starting in the USA. He has demonstrated success with multiple breeds of horses, but specialized in training and showing Morgan horses and has World Championships in Park Harness, Pleasure Driving, Carriage Driving, In Hand, Western Pleasure, Roadster, and Hunt Seat. He holds USEF judging cards for Morgans, Andalusians, and Friesians, and also has judged Quarter Horses, Arabians, Tennessee Walking Horses, Saddlebreds, Miniature Horses and Ponies. His knowledge, gained by mentoring under great horseman like Ted Woolrich and Dick Jefferies, working with western ranchers breaking horses for extra money in college, packing horses in the high country of Colorado, for the Forest Service; and 30 years of owning, operating and training out of Swan’s Training Stable, give Cliff a rounded training platform with progressive steps to help the horse and rider partnership. Cliff has also worked with master farriers like Dr. Doug Butler and still builds custom shoes with his son, Morgan, for the horses of his clients. Cliff is a founding member and dedicated supporter of the Western Dressage Association® of America. He has outlined and piloted a series of Skill Set Clinics for Western Dressage. Cliff is one of the founding trainers for the Train the Trainers program, where he shares his expertise with trainers throughout the United States. His experiences, step by step training methods, and firm belief in the benefits of a foundation in classical dressage for any discipline, have made him a highly requested Western Dressage clinician throughout the United States. Cliff can be reached at Swan’s Training Stables, 303-688-8689 or

Anna Twinney

Anna Twinney is the founder of Reach Out to Horses® – the most unique and comprehensive equine training program in the world. She is known around the globe for her highly acclaimed work as an Equine Specialist, Natural Horsemanship Clinician, Animal Communicator and Karuna Reiki Master. Her gentle yet highly effective methodologies are based exclusively in the horse’s own language, including non-verbal communication, animal communication and the use of energy. This combination creates a stress-free, trust-based, true partnership between horse and human. For 15 years, thousands of people from all equine disciplines, walks of life and almost every continent have sought Anna out to help them develop a relationship with their horses they never thought possible. Many actually begin their careers in natural horsemanship with the Reach Out to Horses Holistic Horsemanship Foundation Course. Originally a British Police Officer and horse enthusiast, Anna began her career as a natural horsewoman with the legendary Monty Roberts, eventually becoming the first Head Instructor of the International Monty Roberts Learning Center. Anna is a regular contributor to a variety of national and international equine-related magazines, publications and websites including Equine Wellness, Horselink Magazine, Holistic Horse and Natural Horse, just to name a few. Additionally, her work has been featured on U.S. and international television, radio and internet programs, including Martha Stewart’s Living, the BBC fly on the wall documentary Living in the Sun and the French TV Program, Echappées Belles. You can continue to see her work on 5 Equine Networks including Pegasus TV, HorseTV and Horse Lifestyle Holland. Anna has also created 8 Instructional DVD’s including the comprehensive 6 Volume Reach Out to Natural Horsemanship Series, Success: Foals in Training and the new Reiki: Energy Healing for Horses. For more information check out the Reach Out to Horses Video Introduction at

Janet Varhus, DVM

Dr. Janet Varhus is owner of Animal Care Center in Poncha Springs, CO. She graduated from Iowa State University with a Doctor’s of Veterinary Medicine in 1983. After graduating, she moved to Utah to begin practicing in Cedar City. She came to Colorado by way of Montana 20 years ago. In 1998, she joined Dr. Wendell Hutchinson, and in 2001 she moved the practice to Animal Care Center. She became certified in medical acupuncture through Colorado Veterinary Medical Association, with advanced classes at the Chi Institute. In 2007, she began practicing Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation and in 2009 she introduced the low-level laser and Chinese herbal therapy to her practice. She offers holistic veterinary care to small animals and horses, including surgery, dentistry and alternative care. Dr. Varhus is married with two kids in college, three dogs, two cats, an Arabian/Quarter horse, a mule, and a 29 year old Shetland pony. Her interests include spending time with her family and animals, horseback riding and baking bread. She has ridden race horses and competed in reining, versatility ranch horse, endurance, trail, team-penning and roping. She loves riding in the mountains and spending time with her horses.

Terri Wagner, Dr. Ragan Golob and Judy Sinner

“Ancient Wisdom Meets Common Sense Horsemanship”. Expand your knowledge beyond the confines of any single discipline through common sense physiology, with a demonstration of Bio-energy analysis techniques that reveal nutritional, structural or emotional imbalances with two-leggeds and four-leggeds. Participants will learn nutritional, organ, parasite and ulcer reflex point testing. Also, witness structure controlling function: Ground work exercises for assisting a horse to self carriage, also aiding in the overall health of the animal. Lifelong horsepersons, Dr Golob, Judy and Terri bring over 100 years of experience to “Ancient Wisdom” workshops all over the United States and into Canada. Judy and Dr Golob are authors of numerous articles on holistic animal care, featured guests of radio shows and podcasts, and produce educational CD’s on nutrition and kinesiology. A litany of experiences – breeding, foaling, training, coaching, fox hunting and racing (and some trial by fire), have led to multiple National Champions in the show ring and in the field. Guiding humans and animals to a level of health that they may never have experienced, is central to the teachings of this trio. They are consultants to and associates of Dynamite Marketing, a source of exceptional nutritional products for man and beast.

Carol Walker

Carol’s passion for photography started at an early age, with animals as her favorite subjects. She studied literature and photography as an undergraduate at Smith College, and continued her education in photography after graduating, studying portraiture and nature photography. She has traveled all over the world photographing wildlife for the past 28 years. In 2000, Carol started her business Living Images by Carol Walker, specializing in photographing horses. Carol’s images illuminate the relationship between horses and their people, as well showcase the beauty of horses with her stunning images of horses at liberty. She teaches workshops for amateur photographers on equine photography. Her commercial work includes catalogue covers for leaders in the Equine industry. She has had numerous calendars published featuring her work, and she markets her fine art prints from her website as well as in several locations on the Front Range of Colorado. Four years ago, Carol began photographing wild horses.

Scott Whinfrey

Scott Whinfrey is the head trainer for the Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center. He is a professional colt starter who has started horses of all types and ages on 3 different continents. Each year Scott works with hundreds of horses using a mix of Natural Horsemanship and Performance Horse techniques gleaned from years of working on ranches and showing horses. Scott seeks to teach a foundation that will make each horse quiet, confident, versatile, and happy both on the ground and from the saddle. Scott is also an active competitor in the AQHA, Reined Cow Horse Association, and numerous Ranch Horse Associations.

Larry Whitesell and Jennifer Bauer

Larry has been training gaited horses for over 30 years. He was very successful in the show ring and was 2002 trainer of the year. He taught high school and coached for 12 years. Jennifer has been riding her whole life. She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin at River Falls, in Equine Science. She has been training professionally for more than 10 years. Learning under classical masters, Jennifer and Larry have not only improved their training and riding skills immensely, but in the process have learned how to enhance the natural gaits of any horse. Horses genetically bred to

have a 4 beat gait, sometimes need help when carrying a rider, to bring out the gait. We don’t want to force gait but develop a posture that works for the horse biomechanically to gait without loosing relaxation. When taught to gait, with the horse’s welfare in mind, we get a horse that willingly and responsively submits to the riders aids. Larry and Jennifer each do clinics all over the US, Canada, Europe, and South America. Please visit their websites at and

Charles Wilhelm

Charles Wilhelm is internationally known as America’s most respected horse trainer. His unique approach to horse training enables horse owners to train their own horses. Charles is the creator of Ultimate Foundation Training; equine training techniques that combine the best of traditional, classical and natural horsemanship into a methodology that is applicable to every riding discipline. His extensive background of over thirty five years of training includes Dressage, Working Cow Horse, Reining, Western Pleasure and Trail class. He is one of the few clinicians of our time who is known for his superb skills in communicating and motivating people as well as his astounding natural abilities with the horse. He believes that “It’s Never, Ever the Horse’s Fault” and his training methods reflect that belief. Charles is one of the few trainers specializing in re-schooling horses with often-severe issues. Charles writes monthly columns for Riding Magazine, Ride! magazine, Northwest Rider, Honest Horses and many others. He has also had articles published in Horse & Rider and Horse Illustrated. His book “Building Your Dream Horse” was published in 2005 and his new book “Starting Baby Jaz” was released in August 2006. He also offers an ongoing series of educational DVDs. He performs clinics and demonstrations at national and regional venues. He has also been on radio programs with Jim Campbell and Rick Lamb. He has been a featured speaker at U.C. Davis Horse Days Symposium for four years and has been a winner of the Trainer’s Challenge at the Mane Event. His training facility in Castro Valley, California is among the top equine educational institutions in Northern California.

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