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Jamison Herefords Complete Dispersion

TFP Reps: Scott Dirk, Jake St. Amant

Date of Sale: 11/18/0021

Location: Quinter, Kan.

Auctioneers: Lynn Weishaar and Seth Weishaar

Sales Manager: United Livestock Brokers, Jay George


1 Herd Sire Avg. $7,750. 82 Heifer Calves Avg. $1,679.27 292 Bred Females Avg. $2,456.00


Herd Sire Lot: HH Advance 4082B Sired by: CL1 Domino 732T Sold for $7,750 Buyer: Teri Harper Dufur – Caddo, Okla. Top Selling Cows: Lot 119 Ja L1 Dominette 7212E Sired by: HH Advance 4082B Sold for: $10,500.00 Buyer: Double J Herefords – Phillipsburg, Kan. Lot: 146 JA L1 Dominette 7603E Sired by: JA L1 Domino 1602Y Sold for: $5,000.00 Buyer: Tulpcreek Farm – Myerstown, Pa. Lot: 166 JA L1 Dominette 7912E Sired by: CL 1 Domino 386A Sold for: $4,100.00 Buyer: Mike Flory – Lawrence, Kan. Bred Replacement Heifers Lot: 235 JA L1 Dominette 020H Sired by: CL 1 Domino 6187D Sold for: $6,250.00 Buyer: John Downs – Dothan Ala. Lot: 234 JA L1 Dominette 018H Sired by: CL 1 Domino 6187D Sold for: $4,500.00 Buyer: Meitler Cattle – Sylvan Grove, Kan. Heifer Calf Lot: 126A Sired by: HH Advance 5322C Sold for: $6,250.00 Buyer: Indian Camp Livestock – Cardwell, Mont. Lot: 211A Sired By: JA L1 Domino 6212D Sold for: $3,400.00 Buyer: Cline Herefords – Wiley, Colo.


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