Aurora Organic Dairy expands feed capacity in Weld |

Aurora Organic Dairy expands feed capacity in Weld

In a push to vertically integrate its operations, Boulder-based Aurora Organic Dairy has purchased 70 acres in Gill for organic pasture or feed production for its cows.

The plot sits adjacent to High Plains Dairy, where the company milks around 4,000 cows, communications director Sonja Tuitele said. The dairy does not plan to dedicate the land to herd expansion, but does hope to use it for developing a more independent feed supply.

“We’ve been buying neighboring land in the Gill and Eaton area to grow more organic feed crops for our animals,” Tuitele said. “Likely it would be pasture initially, but we may use it for feed. It depends on what our needs are going to be.”

Before the land can be used for organic grazing or feed, Tuitele said the company will first need to determine if it has been treated with synthetic products. If such traces are found on the land, the dairy may need to wait three years before it can be used for certified organic feed.

“We’ve been able to find enough (organic feed) but it’s not as readily available as conventional feed and it’s more expensive,” Tuitele said, explaining the push for vertical integration.

In addition to operations in Gill and Eaton, Aurora Organic Dairy also has milk cows in Platteville and Texas.

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