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Axtell Cattle Company

No cutline for this one.
Photo by Drew Feller

• TFP Rep: Drew Feller

• Date of Sale: March 30, 2020

• Location: Sterling, Colo.

• Auctioneer: Jim Santomaso


• 60 Registered Red Angus Yearling Bulls Averaged: $4,072

• 25 Registered Red Angus Yearling Heifers Averaged: $2,420

• 17 Commercial Red Angus Replacements Averaged: $1,400

Top Bulls

• Lot 17 at $6,750 was Axtell Redwing 9330. He was sired by Axtell Redwing 7765, MGS: Axtell Pistolero 024. He sold to Sheaman Red Angus of Fort Collins, CO.

• Lot 26 at $6,500 was Axtell Julian 56A. He was sired by Calvo Julian 56A; MGS: Beckton Scamp A696 H4. He sold to 56 Cattle Company of Hazard, NE.

• Lot 47 at $6,500 was Axtell Dominor 9729. He was sired by Axtell Dominor 4124; MGS: OCC Red Grazer 610Z. He sold to Curt Knight of Gann Valley, SD.

• Lot 16 at $6,250 was Axtell Dominor 9456. He was sired by Axtell Dominor 4124; MGS: Choat Legend Y200. He sold to Steve Kalous of Brush, CO. ❖

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