Back in the saddle |

Back in the saddle

I’m back from my back surgery and, although I won’t be running any marathons soon, I am feeling much better.

The surgery went well, at least that’s what they tell me, but wow talk about some intense pain.

I usually have a high tolerance for pain as my back has been bothering me for years, but surgery pain is no joke.

The doctor performed a post lumbar fusion and now I have four screws and two rods in my back so watch out metal detectors.

To make my recovery easier I learned the BLT lesson, no bending, no lifting and no twisting, which I couldn’t do before my surgery without pain, so it was not like my life changed a lot after surgery.

Had my first post operation appointment on Friday and everything looked good. The doctor said I won’t really be feeling much better until about 12 weeks and it will take nine months before I am totally healed.

It is so weird to me that many doctors no longer make appointments for people to get x-rays or blood tests. You either get a piece of paper and bring it to the medical center or they call it in and you decide when you want to go.

It’s all so computerized too. They insist that you sign into their website and make appointments through the website and you get to see all your x-rays and tests.

Not sure if I like all this high-tech stuff or not.

Thank you all for the well-wishes after my surgery, makes a world of difference in my recovery.

Despite my short convalescence, the world has continued to turn, inflation is still increasing, the Ukrainians are still fighting to keep their country free, and a spring blizzard has struck the upper Midwest during calving and lambing for many farmers and ranchers.

I feel for those people who lost animals during the snowstorm and for those who are just now able to get out to check and see how their livestock weathered the storm.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those people in the path and of the blizzard and with the freedom fighting Ukrainians.


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