Baldridge-Tiedeman Angus and Guests |

Baldridge-Tiedeman Angus and Guests

By Drew Feller

TFP Rep: Drew Feller

Date of Sale: 11/21/2020

Location: North Platte, NE

Auctioneer: Steve Dorran

Sales Manager: American Angus Hall of Fame


70 Registered Angus Females averaged $3,287

1 Pick of Herd bull averaged $15,000

35 Embryos averaged $624

Jake Tiedeman reading pedigrees at the Baldridge-Tiedeman and Guests production sale. Photo by Drew Feller

Top Selling Open Heifer:

Lot 52 at $7,000 was GV-K3J Pride 904. DOB: 11/7/2019. Sired by KR Outfit; MGS: HF Tiger 5T. She sold to Dexter Northridge of Taswell, IN.

Lot 9A at $7,000 was Baldco Emma E 320. DOB: 2/6/2020. Sired by Connealy Fortune 752L; MGS: Quaker Hill Manning 4EX9. She sold to Rhett Abernathy of Lander, WY.

Lot 13 at $6,500 was Baldco Everelda Entense 240. DOB: 1/29/2020. Sired by DL Dually; MGS: Connealy Capitalist 028. She sold to Kelly Overmiller of Amith Center, KS.

Top Open Cow:

Lot 3 at $10,000 was Ruth S S Z63. DOB: 1/17/2012. Sired by Sydgen Mandate 6079; MGS: B/R New Day 454. She sold to Wall Street Cattle Company of Lebanon, MO.

Lot 2 at $7,100 was TC Forever Lady 4153. DOB: 2/27/2014. Sired by Bruin Uproar 0070; MGS: Connealy Right Answer 746. She sold to Dr. Phillip Tripp of Shelbyville, KY.


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