Barn Media 1-17-12: Wheat Breeders Strive for Yield Improvement |

Barn Media 1-17-12: Wheat Breeders Strive for Yield Improvement

Brian Allmer, Barn Media Podcast Producer

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Big improvements in dry land corn hybrids over the past decade have contributed to declines in wheat acres in several western states – including Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado. Bayer CropScience Wheat Breeder Sally Clayshulte (CLAY-shole-tee) – who is based in Lincoln, Nebraska – says the challenge is to increase the rate of yield increase in wheat – which is currently less than one bushel per year – compared to an average annual yield increase of over two bushels per acre for corn…

Brian Allmer has been in agriculture broadcasting since 2005, and has lived in Northeastern Colorado his entire life. Allmer is dedicated to covering the agriculture issues that those involved in agriculture face today in the United States and in Colorado.

“The BARN’s mission is to provide accurate and factual information pertaining to any ag issue facing producers and agriculture entrepreneurs and then let the listener or webpage visitor make up their own minds based on the facts on the discussions presented to them.”

The BARN and Brian Allmer are a proud member of the NAFB -The National Association of Farm Broadcasters (NAFB Broadcast Member 2006 – Present)

Allmer currently lives on a working family farm and ranch in Northeastern Colorado, with his two children, Samantha and TJ and his lovely wife, Connie. Allmer’s lifelong goal is to promote agriculture in a positive way and to shine the light along that journey on the hard-working young women and men involved in the FFA and in 4-H.

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