BARN Media and J.L. Farmakis, Inc. have entered into a partnership |

BARN Media and J.L. Farmakis, Inc. have entered into a partnership

BRIGGSDALE, Colo. – Barn Media and J.L. Farmakis Inc. have entered into a partnership for J.L. Farmakis, Inc. to become Barn Media’s national sales partner.

A native of northeastern Colorado, Brian Allmer began his career in agricultural broadcasting in 2005. He launched BARN Media in 2007. Seeing the hunger for more local agricultural news, he launched the Colorado Agriculture News Network in 2012.

“BARN Media and the Colorado Ag News Network’s mission is to provide accurate and factual information pertaining to any ag issue facing Colorado ranchers, producers and agriculture entrepreneurs,” said Allmer, owner of BARN Media. “Then let the listener or web visitor make up their own mind based on the facts presented to them. We are excited to partner with J.L. Farmakis, Inc. as they have the same passion for local ag media as we do at the BARN.”

J.L. Farmakis, Inc. is one of the leading agricultural media rep firms in the U.S. with more than 40 multimedia partners. “We have watched Brian’s presence in Colorado over the last few years and his network is a perfect complement for our other prominent State Farm Radio Networks,” Bill Farmakis, president of J.L. Farmakis, Inc. said. “His super-local ag programming and connection to producers follows our model in other states.” ❖


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