Batter up! Agriculture is a home run |

Batter up! Agriculture is a home run

When the Blake Street bombers return to action on Opening Day, it’s basically a nationally broadcast celebration of agriculture. Baseball and agriculture are like peanut butter and jelly, for reasons beyond the ability of nearly all tractor radios to pick up Rockies games on a.m. stations.

From the leather baseballs to the beer being consumed in the stands, baseball depends upon agriculture. No players or fans are naked, hungry, or sober if that’s not their intent thanks to agriculture. Burgers, hotdogs, popcorn, buns, and signature milkshakes all come directly from agriculture, specifically our state’s thriving beef, dairy and grain industries.

Beyond that, the manicured grass is most certainly a tip of the hat to the industry and one that many higher education programs are embracing and teaching. Agriculture is behind the fuel to arrive at the field and the fertilizer and water to keep it beautiful. Without agriculture, the Monfort family might not have found success in cattle feeding and eventually become owners of the franchise.

Advertising dollars from agriculture trade organizations and companies connected to food, fuel, and fiber help make the game profitable. Cleats and gloves are a product of the state’s cattle industry, as are the sausage casings, paints, and gelatin-coated pain killers for later.

There’s no better time than spring to celebrate the return of baseball and the contributions of agriculture so whether you’re doing fieldwork and listening to the game on the radio, or get to be there in person, the crack of the bat signals all that is good about agriculture and America’s favorite pastime. Play ball!

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