Baxter Black: On the Edge of Common Sense 2-27-12 |

Baxter Black: On the Edge of Common Sense 2-27-12

Ten percent of the people

do 90 percent of the work

And they get to do it for nuthin’!

And that’s not the only perk,

They’re asked to donate to causes,

contribute their cash and their time,

Get up early, usually stay late,

and always claim they don’t mind.

They serve on boards and commissions,

participate in the potluck,

Bring snacks for the kindergarteners,

for hayrides they furnish the truck.

They take their turn on the fair board,

as deacons or soccer moms

Jury duty or Salvation Army,

ringing bells and gathering alms.

Raise funds for endless projects,

the Food Bank, the FFA

Missions in far away countries,

Girl Scouts and the PTA.

Call on the shut-ins, fight cancer

or maybe teach others to read,

Through Rotary, Lions or Kiwanis,

they work to fulfill a need.

The 10 percent you can count on

to sign up, to help and belong

Always ready and willing,

they make our communities strong.

They often don’t get the glory

or noticed by everyone.

But, they’re easy to find at a party,

cleanin’ up after it’s done.

What causes man to serve his fellow man?

At best, I discern

Not money. Sometimes a ‘thanks’

is all that they’ll earn.

And it can’t be Evolution,

where only the toughest survive,

Or lessons learned in a classroom …

“Compassion, see page 25.”

But it’s there in certain people,

giving satisfies their needs

You can’t find it in a brain scan,

but you can see it in their deeds.

No physical exam can spot it,

it won’t show up on the chart.

But if I had to guess what IT is,

I’d say it comes from the heart.

So I’ll just admit that we’re lucky

the 10 percent are right here.

‘Cause without them nothing would

happen, and they do it all volunteer.

VOL from the Greek meaning:

work like a horse

UNTEER meaning:

without pay.

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