Bears can be entertaining |

Bears can be entertaining

Monty Hopkins
LaGrange, Wyo.

Last night the Rockies weren’t on TV and we ended up watching a program on bears. Mostly, about Grizzlies killing Black bears in Yellowstone. I suppose to a hungry Grizzly a meal’s … a meal and the middle of Yellowstone is no place to be overly choosey. It was a fully interesting program.

I don’t think I ever saw more than a couple bears in the wild, other than the “beggars” along the highway in Yellowstone. Both times we were elk hunting out of Yellowstone, and both of those bears were several hundred yards away. Too far to reach with my 270 or I might have had a bear skin rug in the living room. Well, not really, I’m fairly certain that never would go over real well with the local in-house management anyway.

I don’t fully understand those folks that knowingly go into bear country and get mauled by a bear. “Bear Spray” or something in an aerosol can is supposed to protect you? Now really, an aerosol can that shoots a little stream or mist is going to do the job. For me, I want a big gun that shoots a bigger bullet. Like the old Texas Ranger when asked why he carried a .45 replied, “Because they don’t make a .46.”

I think for the most part, bears are rather nice animals, as long as you stay away from them or don’t get between ma and the kids. Too many think of Yogi Bear, or teddy bear, but bears in the wild aren’t like them. I outgrew may teddy bear many years ago, but must admit, I still like Yogi Bear and still enjoy a Yogi Bear cartoon. We’ll still watch Tom & Jerry, or Bugs Bunny, but my favorite is the Road Runner.

Anyway, back to bears. Several years ago a friend, who is an avid hunter, shot a bear. He had the meat processed and gave me a couple packages.

I took them home and told my son I had a package of wild meat for him. He likes all kinds of wild meat. He’ll even eat wild turkey. He stopped and picked it up on his way home from Cheyenne, Wyo.

That night Polly cooked the bear roast. It wasn’t all that bad. I wouldn’t want it six nights a week or every other day, but not that bad.

A night to two later my son called, and they had cooked the bear. When I asked him how they liked the bear meat, Polly was on the couch reading the newspaper and dozing, she came to full life. BEAR!! Must have forgotten to tell her what the package of meat was.