Begin to prepare now for fall hunting |

Begin to prepare now for fall hunting

LINCOLN, Neb. – Summer is not just the time to have fun at the lake or park. It is important that hunters use this time to prepare for the fall hunting seasons. Failure to do so could result in problems or inconveniences later on.

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has the following hunter’s summer checklist of things to do to prepare for the fall:

Hunter Education – Do not put off hunter education certification; take a class as soon as possible. Make sure you have a certification card. If you have misplaced or lost the card, obtain a duplicate as soon as possible.

Other Requirements – Know all the other requirements for the type of hunting you will do, including age requirements, permits, stamps, and accompaniment.

Know Your Permit – Before purchasing a permit, know what may be harvested with it and where you may hunt with it.

Know the Regulations – Read the Nebraska Guide to Hunting and Public Lands as well as the Nebraska Big Game Guide.

Get Permission – Locate a place to hunt private land in advance of the season.

Field Care – Know the proper field care for the game you plan on harvesting.

Equipment Check – Make sure your gear is clean, safe and in proper condition.

Sight-in Your Firearm – A list of participating ranges may be found at

Shooting Practice – Spend time on the target range.

Training – Get yourself and your dog in shape now. Hike the many trails in Nebraska’s parks to get physically prepared.

Accommodations – Make plans for places to stay during a hunt.

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