BigIron Auctions to acquire Real Estate Brokers of Missouri, LLC

ST. EDWARD, Neb. — BigIron Auctions announced its upcoming acquisition of Real Estate Brokers of Missouri, LLC. Along with its brick-and-mortar building, located at 1800 Liberty Park Blvd. in Sedalia, Mo., this addition will bring an additional 10 agents to the BigIron Missouri team.

With over 70 years of combined expertise, this acquisition will allow our BigIron Missouri real estate team to deliver high end service to our clients, as well as become more accessible to clients across the state. The agents joining the team have extensive connections to the greater mid-Missouri community, including ties to ag and farmland. This increased visibility into property will allow BigIron to be one of the first things travelers see when entering Sedalia, Mo.

“We are very thankful to Mark Reynolds, Bill Wall and Glenn Ewing for allowing us the opportunity to continue serving the same clients they have served over the last 40 years,” said Ron Stock, BigIron co-Founder. “As we combine forces, the trust they each have instilled in this community will continue to be a priority of BigIron Missouri real estate agents as we work together to better serve this great state.”


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