Bill Baxters’ Saddle |

Bill Baxters’ Saddle

It Was Just A Typical Cow Sale,

At The Local Sale Ring.

I Just Went To Watch It,

And See What Cows Would Bring.

Had My Usual Pie And Coffee,

In The Sale Barn Cafe.

Not Realizing Then,

Someones’ Heart Was Broke That Day.

Bill Baxter, A Local Rancher,

Sold His Entire Herd.

When He Wiped Underneeth His Eyes,

Nobody Said A Word.

Then He Went In The Alley,

And He Rode In On Old Bay.

Told The Auctioneer, ‘Bay’s 12,

And I’m Selling Him Today.’

We All Knew Bill For Many Years,

And His Wife Martha Too.

Them Three Girls They Raised Out On The Place,

Left When School Was Through.

Tom Shepard, Bid An Even Grand,

For The Horse Bill Baxter Rode.

The Auctioneer Held Out For More,

But Finally Called Him ‘Sold’

Then Bill Stripped Off His His Riggin’,

Said ‘Sell The Saddle Too..

I Had It Made By ‘Tumbleweed’

In 1972.

I Couldn’t See Too Good Right Then,

My Blury Sight To Blame.

I Heard Sniffles In The Seats Around Me,

And I Could Hear ‘Em Plain.

Someone Said ‘Three Thousand Bucks!’

We Stared In Disbelief,

Those Three Girls Stood Together,

With A Thousand Dollars Each.

I Knew It Was Time For Me To Leave,

I Had To Be Alone.

But I Also Knew When I Drove Off,

Bill Took His Saddle Home.