Blame Polis for Kessler debacle |

Blame Polis for Kessler debacle

As many of you already know Ellen Kessler, a vegan, animal activist and friend of Colorado’s First Gentleman Marlon Reis, who was appointed by Gov. Jared Polis to the Colorado State Board of Veterinary Medicine, was issued a summons for 13 misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty.

Kessler resigned her position on the veterinary board after she came under scrutiny for calling farmers and ranchers “lazy and nasty” and accused them of using their cows to “bait” wolves to receive compensation for their loss.

The authorities in Jefferson County were alerted of the abuse by a woman who had visited Kessler’s home. According to Jefferson County Public Information Officer Karlyn Tilley, “There were 13 birds total, most of them living in the basement with food and water, but no sunlight. The cages and floors were covered in seed, dirt and feces. There was an overwhelming smell of urine.”

One of the birds was dead and another died at the veterinarian’s office. It was determined not to return them to Kessler’s home.

I’m not going to make any snide comments about Kessler because she is obviously suffering and needs medical or psychological help.

But I am going to address our governor who did not do his due diligence when he named Kessler to the veterinary board. It seems the advice from his husband was good enough for him.

But it is not good enough for the farmers and ranchers in Colorado and now he is left with egg on his face, honestly, no pun intended.

This should not only enrage farmers and ranchers it should also be a warning to all citizens of Colorado that our governor appointed someone to the board, who was charged with rooting out people who mistreat animals and was found to be mistreating animals herself.

We may want to check out some of the other choices he has made like the hiring of Dr. Rebecca Niemiec, as the program manager for the Colorado Bureau of Animal Protection.

A letter signed by several Colorado state representatives stated, “Dr. Niemiec served as the co-director of the Colorado Center of Human-Carnivore Coexistence at Colorado State University, which partners with Defenders of Wildlife – a group that strongly supported the reintroduction of the gray wolf, despite it being a direct threat to cattle ranchers in every corner of Colorado. Her background in this area is a conflict of interest in agricultural production.”

Was this choice another based on advice from his husband?

In the meantime, wolves have killed another cow and six elk in Jackson County.

My colleague Rachel Gabel is investigating this hiring and will keep you apprised of the situation.

As we go through our daily lives let’s keep praying for the people of Ukraine and that the U.S. and other NATO countries will provide them with the weaponry they need to defeat Putin.


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