Bon appétit |

Bon appétit

by Jody White

Elsmere, Neb.

Do you remember sack lunches back when you were a kid? Were you one of the ones that had to pack them to school everyday. If you were, did it change your attitude towards sandwiches forever? Can you look at a bologna sandwich today and not gag? My husband went to a little one room school house and for five days a week he packed a lunch and then when school was over he had to pack them most of the summer while he helped fence, hay, or move cattle. His idea of torture today is having to eat a sacked lunch. He hates sack lunches in general, and hates sandwiches in particular!

I would rather face a firing squad than be responsible for having to pack him a lunch. There’s no pleasing him, no matter what I pack! Unless maybe I could figure out a way to pack a T Bone steak, and a baked potato in a lunch box! But he has informed me that he has earned the right to be hard to live with when it comes to this particular part of his make-up. He figures after eating roughly 2,508 soggy sandwiches before he reached the age of 21, that it is his due! And no one is going to convince him otherwise.

It’s funny that non of his “bad attitude” has been passed on to any of our children after years of listening to him. They all love sandwiches and would have eaten them three times a day. No kidding. I remember the boys asking for egg and bacon sandwiches for breakfast, and Jana loved peanut-butter and jelly. They didn’t care what you put in a lunch … if you got to pack it anywhere, then it was a picnic. But then they haven’t eaten 2,508 sandwiches either!

I never get any notice when he needs a lunch packed. So on those days of little or no notice, he got “glomie” peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches that stuck to the roof of his mouth, a dried up apple, and maybe if I had some Rice Krispies and a few marshmallows, Rice Krispie snacks! I guess I wouldn’t like a packed lunch either under those conditions. But then, what do you do with little or no notice and being 40 miles from town?

But I think the problem of packing lunches has kind of resolved itself. Coby came home from having to work on putting in a tank with a neighbor, Miles, and had to take a lunch. When he got back and told us what the neighbor had packed for lunch, Butch was thinking maybe his lunches weren’t so bad. Miles had packed a hamburger patty from two days before, and three chicken strips from last night’s supper. All thrown in a plastic sack along with loose potato chips and a few cookies, secured with a wire twistie. He had smeared a little catsup and mustard on the patty before throwing it in the sack, so by the time he ate it was coated with potato chip and cookie crumbs. He ate every crumb, and licked his fingers to boot!

All of this put a whole new slant on packed lunches. Thank you Miles, and bon appétit!


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