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Book Review

“Bronc Buster”

by Dave Fisher

paperback, $13.95

“Bronc Buster,” a gathering of short stories of the American West, by Dave P. Fisher, gets its name from the author’s Blackfoot Indian grandfather, Les Fontaine. It’s Fontaine’s 1920s- era photo on the book’s front, and it’s a story based on his experiences for which the book is named.

The day I received “Bronc Buster” I put aside everything else and just read. This, and 16 other stories, held my attention for 10 solid hours.

The reason for such interest on my part may be explained best in Mr. Fisher’s dedication:

“To every man or woman who has ever chosen what was right over what was easy, who ever took a stand and fought for what was honorable, who ever showed courage in the face of adversity, this is the true spirit of the American West.”

If you were to ask me to name my favorite story, I couldn’t do it ” each is my favorite. I think the stories will appeal to Western fans regardless of age.

To order online, visit You can also purchase the book by sending a money order in the amount of $13.95 to Dave P. Fisher at 1902 Union St., Sparks, Nev. 89434.

Copies of the book are also available wherever Dave is appearing. For a schedule, go to


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