Bowled Over |

Bowled Over

When it comes to football I am no expert. I like all the excitement associated with college football. Professional football is okay, but college football is my passion.

My husband was an avid Cornhusker fan. While other families took vacations in the mountains or sunbathed amid palm trees, we planned our vacations around football games.

It all started when Bob Devaney came to Nebraska and made a mediocre football team into a national power.

We never missed a home game and went to most out-of-state games. Win or lose we attended many of our bowl games, some of which are more memorable than others. I still remember a bowl game when we played the Alabama Crimson Tide, coached by the legendary Bear Bryant. They beat us by a big score. As we left the stadium some of their fans mocked us with, “Next time we’ll play your band!”

Before long we made the big time. I recall an incident when Mama and I were on a sightseeing bus in London, England. An elderly American couple asked us where we came from. When I said I was from Nebraska, (Mama was living in Colorado at the time,) he glanced at us with admiration and said, “You have quite a football team.”

When we first went to football games Nebraska was a member of the Big Eight. Those were the days. We traded numerous championships with the Oklahoma Sooners and shared our ups and downs, and never was there any animosity between us.

Nebraska and Oklahoma have gone their separate ways, but the memories linger on.