Brain Bafflers: Jodi Jill continues to baffle our brains |

Brain Bafflers: Jodi Jill continues to baffle our brains

Jodi Jill

If you would have told me the day I started with the Fence Post this would have been the beginning of something special, I probably would have giggled. In the beginning I did write some articles for the rural newspaper as well as put together the Brain Baffler puzzle. Yet, the Brain Baffler puzzle has been in the Fence Post every week for years and years. I have to admit I really look forward to putting together the puzzles and I know many folks love working the puzzles as well.

You might not know this, but I put together each puzzle by hand. Yes, I am aware there are computer programs for these types of puzzles, but I enjoy the chance to sit down with the word list and combine the letters to make the perfect puzzle. It is a matter of fun, I suppose, as it makes my heart glow and it is the best puzzle when it is personal. It also reminds me of the importance of doing something for others. Today we seem so busy with our computers and techo-gadgets that we forget we are people, all part of a bigger place and my puzzles never let me forget that point.

Now my job is rather odd these days. I write one of the biggest celebrity columns online here in Los Angeles. Over a million people read it and well, it sometimes has me in shock. You see as those folks on the red carpet gush over their fashion threads and carry on about what they had for dinner, but they aren’t always real people. Yes, they act sort of silly about things that don’t all the time matter. I will never forget where I came from and how blessed I am just to be breathing with the realization that you don’t need everything to be super fancy, you just need to be yourself. The people I have met and the values I experienced in the past are far greater than anything that can impress others, which is what has kept me grounded after all these years.

Now it sounds like I have been creating the Brain Baffler for the Fence Post for years, and to be completely honest, I can’t tell you when I started (yes that is a long time.) It has been a while, a long while. A journey more than 10 years and dare I say Tom Theobald, Mad Jack Hanks, and Gwen Petersen are also the folks who have been there for a long time too. We definitely share in the same bond of entertaining our readers and being part of the Fence Post today and for years to come.

My connection with the Fence Post has a special place in my heart. It reminds me to stay grounded, never take anything for granted and be nice to your neighbor. It doesn’t matter where you live as long as your heart is in the right place.

Happy Anniversary to the Fence Post! Thank you for making me part of your continued success.

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