Breakfast with Santa |

Breakfast with Santa

I have always loved going to see Santa. Every year, my mom would take us. As a small child, I cried the first time or two, but then I was hooked. If given the opportunity, I would have gotten back in line again.

This continued until I was in my late teens.

When I was a child, eating with Santa was not a possibility. Santa was always too busy at the north pole. However, as I became a young adult, it seemed like he was more available … even for breakfast. I was not sure if he hired more elves, or what, but I was very happy.

Unfortunately, we did not have any children and none of the nieces or nephews lived near by. I really wanted to eat breakfast with Santa. So, I took my kindergarten class.

I begged, pleaded and paid extra, so Santa would sit at our table.

He was a perfect Santa, jolly, plump, and full of ho, ho, ho’s. Dressed all in red, with his white beard and white trim, he looked like all the pictures you’d seen. I was thrilled. I had always wanted to eat with Santa, and here he was.

All of the children that were there, (20 plus) felt the same way. Santa greeted everyone, and then, each of my kindergarten children were allowed to shake his hand.

At long last, Santa sat down to eat. There is something about Santa eating bacon and eggs with you, that just makes everything taste better. Even the toast tastes different.

Everyone was on their best behavior since Santa was watching.

After breakfast, Santa listened to the children’s requests for Christmas. Then, it was time to go.

I am glad that now smaller children get to eat with Santa. It is an experience all children should have. Even though I was a little bigger “child,” at that time, I was thrilled to be eating with Santa. It was one of those Christmas dreams that finally came true!

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