Brevig Charolais ‘Cattlemen’s Value’ Annual Bull Sale |

Brevig Charolais ‘Cattlemen’s Value’ Annual Bull Sale

TFP Rep: Matt Wznick

One of the sale highlights offered every year is a fancy set of black home-raised first calf heifer pairs with calves at their side, sired by Brevig Charolais bulls. These pairs are a true testament to the calving ease genetics offered on sale day. Tom Walter, right, represents the cattle for Spring Creek Colony. Photo by Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: 04/01/2022

Location: Lewistown Livestock Auction-Lewistown, Montana

Auctioneer: Kyle Shobe


57 Bulls Averaged $4267

One of Gail and Clark Brevig’s sons, Chase, helps a customer evaluate the bulls offered this week. Photo by Matt Wznick


Lot 41 at $9,000 , BCR WRANGLER J135, 2/11/21, BCR WRANGLER A169 x KEYS EASY MAC 23C, Sold to Jim Foran-Hilger, Montana

Lot 61 at $8,500, BCR RED LEGEND J067, 3/18/21, BCR RED LEGEND E25 x JWK BUCKLE UP 601X, Sold to Jim Foran-Hilger, Montana

Lot 1 at $7,000, BCR CERTIFIED ASSET J026, 1/27/21, BCR CERTIFIED D79 x BCR ASSERTION POWER UO69, Sold to Mershon Ranch-Lewistown, Montana

Lot 47 at $7,000, BCR REV J123, 2/18/21, EC REVELATION 764 PLD x KEYS WISHBONE 94A, Sold to Lone Tree Cattle-Big Sandy, Montana

Lot 54 at $7,000, BCR REV JO23, 3/30/21, EC REVELATION 764 PLD x BCR MS CHISUM F149, Sold to Bruce Neumann-Geyser, Montana


Great day for the Brevig Family at the Brevig Charolais ‘Cattlemen’s Value’ Annual Bull Sale, held April 1, 2022 at Lewistown Livestock Auction-Lewistown, Montana. As the next generation begins to become more and more involved in the decision making process at Brevig Charolais, a few things remain the same, big, stout, light birth weight Charolais bulls. Congratulations on a great sale!


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