Bringing in the giants: Jake Scott and podcasting |

Bringing in the giants: Jake Scott and podcasting

Jake and Kami Scott with their daughters Payton and Harper.
Photo courtesy Jake Scott

Jake Scott is a believer that if he is to spend time doing something, it ought to make him better. Whether he’s on the road or fixing fence on the family’s Nebraska cattle operation, Scott is likely listening to a podcast about leadership, faith, business or agriculture.

As a podcast listener, he is tickled to have recently introduced his own podcast, Cattle Pros.

Scott’s family originated in Alabama and his grandfather was a farmer and cattle trader who also had poultry houses to make a living in the agriculture industry. Scott’s dad and brother are deeply involved in the equine industry and that industry is the one Scott had the most exposure to as a young man.

When a school district change resulted in Scott enrolling in a high school with a strong FFA program focused on showing cattle, he said his interest was piqued. He added a steer and heifer to the barn with the support of his dad and by graduation, he followed his interest in livestock judging to nearby Connors State College. Coach Jerry McPeak, who is Scott’s podcast guest in his first full-length episode, encouraged him.

After his time at Connors State, the purebred Angus cattle herd at Oklahoma State University was calling his name. He worked with the purebred operation in exchange for room and board and it was there he was introduced to such an operation and said he had his eyes opened to Angus cattle.

Upon graduation, Scott worked for Eldon and Louisa Krebs in Gordon, Neb., in the show barn. It was there he began dating Eldon and Louisa’s daughter, Kami. The couple, now engaged and later married, left the ranch for posts in Oklahoma, her with the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association and him with Rolling R3 Ranch, owned by Marc Rowland.

At the time, Rowland and Express Ranches had established a franchise opportunity for ranches to market cattle through the Express Ranches sales.

“We really came into (Rolling R3) at a time it was poised for success and it was a good time in the business and the market,” he said. “We hit the ground running at that place and we really had a lot of success. If you know anything about an Angus pedigree, one of the really, really dominant cow families in the breed is Saras Dream. We bred the original Saras Dream S609 while we were there. One of the bulls that’s been dominant is First Class, we bred his sire, First Rate, while we were there.


It was great and we got to win heifer shows at Denver, we won the Yards show twice. Everything was clicking.”

The Scotts continued to do business with Eldon and Louisa’s Krebs Ranch and he said many of the good cows on the Rolling R3 came from the Krebs’. It was, he said, always the couple’s plan to return to the ranch and that opportunity presented itself earlier than expected and they returned to Gordon in 2007.

“It was the right decision,” he said. “It’s been a blessing to us and a lot of great things have come as a result of being here. The time here and the time at R3 is where I really got my education and having the chance to work around a Jarold Callahan (president of Express Ranches) or an Eldon Krebs — to be around those guys like that and to pick up on what they’ve learned and what they’ve accomplished and achieved has been my true education.”

It is conversations about the industry from those who know it well and perhaps have a different way of approaching it, that Scott said his podcast brings to listeners. He said it is partially educational, partially motivational and is a behind the scenes conversation like the ones that have helped him grow and succeed.

“I’ve been lucky enough to make relationships and contacts and acquaintances with that caliber of people in this business and I really believed if there were a podcast out there and I called these people, they would be willing to talk and share some of the things,” he said.

Scott said his goal is to bring the best and brightest to the podcast and with guests including McPeak, Charles and Heidi Anderson, Kirk Stierwalt, Clay Williams and Delvin Heldermon, he has begun doing just that.

In the days of internet and podcasts, Scott said people now have the opportunity to educate themselves. It’s an opportunity, he said, to pick the brains and hear the thoughts of some of the real giants of the business. ❖

— Gabel is an assistant editor and reporter for The Fence Post. She can be reached at or (970) 768-0024.