Bronc riding schools in Wyo., S.D. |

Bronc riding schools in Wyo., S.D.

It’s Rodeo School Season, and the Bill Stearns Memorial Scholarship committee is selecting recipients. If you are a high school bronc rider or hoping to get started riding broncs in high school rodeo, you could be eligible.

Just write a letter saying why you would like to attend a bronc riding school this spring; which school you would like to attend; and why you feel deserving to receive some scholarship funding through the Bill Stearns Memorial. Please include your bronc riding experience and schools already attended, if any. Mail your letter to Mrs. Bill Stearns, 1159 State Highway 450, Newcastle, Wyoming 82701, no later than March 10th, 2015.

Jeff Willert and Chad Ferley will be teaching bronc riding during the Korkow Ranch Rodeo School at Pierre, SD, April 24 – 26. Bill Stearns knew them both and highly respected their ability in the arena, and Chad’s grandfather was a friend and neighbor who taught him about airplanes and flying. We would recommend the Korkow School, but participation there is not required to be considered for scholarship funds.

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