Brunch — Easy Entertaining |

Brunch — Easy Entertaining

Story by Anna Aughenbaugh
Ft. Collins, Colo.
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The holidays are here and you want to entertain family and friends, but your money and time are limited. If you keep telling yourself that you’re too busy to entertain, you end up depriving yourself of the joy of spending time with those dear to you.

Inviting guests for brunch or an early supper is definitely a less expensive way to entertain and may be just what you feel comfortable doing. If your home is pretty much clutter free and the bathroom clean, it will be ready to welcome guests. Spread the cooking out so you can fit it into your schedule, then freeze the food until party time. Guests tend to be happy to bring muffins or other breads, just ask. Make a list of all you need to have ready, so that everything gets thawed out in time and nothing gets left in the refrigerator. Setting up for buffet style may be an easier way to serve the meal.

Ask guests to come prepared to share their memories of Christmas. They can be of horror stories of recipe goofs, or wonderful fun times, whatever will provide laughter and joy to the occasion.

These recipes may get you started on a menu for your easy style entertainment.

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