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Bundy case declared mistrial

Judge Gloria Navarro sent the jury home and declared a mistrial for the Bundy “standoff” case involving Cliven, Ammon, Ryan Bundy and several others. The judge said she believes the prosecution willfully withheld evidence about Bureau of Land Management snipers and marksmen, surveillance cameras, logs and maps, threat assessments regarding the Bundys, said reporter Brian Hyde. In each of these cases, the government, in the judge’s opinion, willfully withheld information that weakened the defense’s case in her opinion, he reported, and said that the judge had commented that there was too much potential prejudice for this to be a fair trial. The prosecution may still decide to re-try the case.

From Carol Bundy, posted on Bundy Ranch Facebook page:

Today our prayers were heard and that the current trial against my husband, sons and other defendants was declared a mistrial. We wanted a dismissal but are grateful that the truth is getting out. We are a step closer to freedom.

Although the case is not over and there will continue to be lots of legal back and forth I needed to thank you, on behalf of our entire family for your prayers and support.

You stood with my family when it would have been easier to look the other way. You shared our message so the media eventually had to begin covering the truth.

It’s been almost two years since my husband has been home, had a home cooked meal and was able to wear his cowboy hat. I’m hopeful that soon we’ll be able to enjoy those simple things that so many times we simply took for granted.

I consider you family.

Merry Christmas,

— Carol Bundy