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Burger King modifies cow ad, continues campaign

-The Hagstrom Report

Burger King has adjusted an ad in which it promised to change the mix of feed in livestock that produce its burgers to reduce the emission of methane, but is continuing the campaign, Fernando Machado, the chief marketing officer for Burger King, said in an email.

“Our Cows Menu campaign is just the beginning of a journey. It’ll take collaborations from the farm to table to find solutions. We’re proud to partner with UC Davis’ Ermias Kebreab and Frank Mitloehner to expand on the results. Additionally, we continue to run the TV ad to help generate public awareness and build collaboration,” Machado said.

Mitloehner pointed out to Burger King that most methane is released through belching and that lemongrass is only one of several types of feed being studied to reduce methane emissions.

”In addition to adjusting the online version, Burger King will also adjust the TV advertisement, to have a more serious tone and to portray emissions more related to eructation (the burps) rather than flatulence,” RealAgriculture reported.