CAB hosts third annual International Master of Brand Advantages class |

CAB hosts third annual International Master of Brand Advantages class

Certified Angus Beef

The Certified Angus Beef brand hosted its third annual International Masters of Brand Advantages classes June 4-11. The week-long course welcomed 28 students from eight different countries with one common goal: sharing knowledge and expertise about high-quality beef.

Participants were no strangers to CAB coming into the experience. Each attendee works in the food service business — some in sales, some in culinary expertise, but all in the business of making their customers across the globe happy by delivering the very best products. The goal of the MBA class is to elevate their knowledge by making them true beef experts, and therefore high-level consultants to their customers.

The class started where every lesson should: the beginning. In this case, that meant a few days in Colorado to learn about where high-quality beef starts. Attendees had the opportunity to spend a day at the Walter Angus ranch to learn about how ranchers' decisions from the very beginning impact meat quality. They learned directly from cattlemen Terry and Ty Walter about the priority that animal and environmental care have at the ranch and about the extensive amount of tools and decision making that go into each breeding decision.

The following day, MBA students were hosted by JBS and Five Rivers cattle feeders for both a packing plant and feedyard tour to learn more about managing cattle at their final phase and the harvest process.

After a jam-packed agenda in Colorado learning about where high-quality beef begins, the class jetted east to Wooster, Ohio, CAB headquarters, and spent their final days of the class with hands-on learning about beef fabrication and the science behind meat quality.

They spent time discussing opportunity cuts for their customers and overcoming the common sales objections that their customers have. To culminate their MBA, each student was required to give a sales presentation to a CAB staff member applying what they learned over the the week. In an industry where cattlemen and consumers are often miles (and languages) apart, yet so essential to each other's businesses, programs like this help bridge the gap of understanding.

Tour at Walter Angus included:

-Pasture time

• One on one interaction with the herd and the docility of the herd

• difference between bulls, steers, heifers, and cows

• genetic quality in each herd/ Angus quality

• Cowboy conversation

• Questions with the Walter’s


• Viewing of bulls and where the genetic quality of each sire comes from

• AI (Artificial Insemination) chute tour/why we AI

• Why and where we doctor cattle

• Quality of feed


• Ranching is a way of life and a passion, not just a job

• Quality of beef starts with genetics

• How to read EPDs

• What to look for to have the best genetic quality in each of their cattle

• Types of feed and what each one does to assist quality of beef

• Questions about tools used on the ranch to assist with calving, doctoring, cattle identification, and processing


• One on one conversation over a CAB steak, catered by Saltgrass Steakhouse

• Wrapped up by watching the sunset over the Rocky Mountains