California eggless mayonnaise company comments on cell culture technology |

California eggless mayonnaise company comments on cell culture technology

JUST, the San Francisco-based company best known for making eggless mayonnaise, submitted comments to the Agriculture Department this week on the regulation of the use of cell culture technology to develop products derived from livestock and poultry and their labeling.

Although the Agriculture Department is shut down, a spokesman for JUST the company filed the comments via

In its comments, JUST Chief Technology Officer Peter Licari said “The first type of meat we will produce and sell using animal cell culture technology looks like chicken when it is uncooked; looks like chicken when it is cooked; and from a nutritional perspective, it is comparable to conventional chicken” and therefore should be labeled “cultured chicken breast.”

“We believe this format satisfies regulatory and consumer interests, while fitting into previously approved formats,” Licari continued.

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“For example, in the case of our product ‘JUST Mayo,’ we worked with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to continue using the consumer-friendly term ‘mayo’ by agreeing to state ‘spread and dressings’ on the bottom left of the label, which appears as the statement of identify. Similarly, our product ‘JUST Egg’ is a plant-based product which is branded as ‘JUST Egg’ to consumers, while the label for the product bears the statement of identity of ‘plant-based scramble’ to clearly communicate to the consumer the product they are purchasing.”

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