California releases report on alternatives to chlorpyrifos |

California releases report on alternatives to chlorpyrifos

-The Hagstrom Report

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation on Thursday released a report outlining alternatives to chlorpyrifos, a pesticide used to protect fruits and vegetables.

Chlorpyrifos will be banned in California on Dec. 31 on the grounds that it damages children’s brains and neurological health.

The top recommendation is to make sure that farmers know it will be banned. The report also contains a list of alternative pesticides, and suggests that others could be developed through university research.

The recommendations were developed by a working group set up by the DPR and the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

A side note points out that due to COVID-19 the last meeting of the group was virtual and recommends that “a successor effort be convened to complete this and other unfinished work.”