Camp Unplugged holding open house May 6 in Platteville, Colo. |

Camp Unplugged holding open house May 6 in Platteville, Colo.

Camp Unplugged is holding an open house from 1 to 4 p.m. on May 6 at Dragonfly Farm at 15575 County Road 25, Platteville, Colo. Camp Unplugged debuted in 2015 at Dragonfly Farm and they are looking forward to their third summer of camp. The name of the summer horse camp began as an intention — a desire — to help kids “unplug” by putting down their phones and devices, which creates a space for them to embrace nature, listen to the quiet sound of a horse breathing, and “plug” into the natural world around them. The day camp for boys and girls aged 8–12, focuses on developing each camper’s curiosity, self-esteem, problem solving and communication skills. The camp offers a full week of learning about horses and donkeys, how to be safe in their presence, and community building with each other and another species. Each camper is responsible for taking care of their “special horse” with grooming, daily feeding and clean up. The days were filled with horse activities, art projects, journal writing and learning fun things about nature. The 2017 schedule for Camp Unplugged is June 12-16 and July 17-21, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.–3 p.m. Limited space is available, so call for reservations. Scholarships may be available. The cost is $295. For more information about the camp, contact Annette Price at Dragonfly Farm at (907) 785-9090 or and visit or Lauren Munger, Sacred Hoofprints at (303) 591-4357 or and visit Both Price and Munger are certified Equine Gestalt Method coaches and work with the horse and human bond in their private practices. To learn more about the EGCM method, visit

— Camp Unplugged

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