Candidates post their rural plans |

Candidates post their rural plans

Many of the 2020 presIdential hopefuls have posted platforms or at least some thoughts about issues affecting agricultural or rural America.

The National Farmers Union, whose membership is Democratic-leaning, sent out a list of links to candidate positions on rural issues in its NFU E-News newsletter on Thursday.

While many candidates have policies that specifically set their sights on agriculture, others have just touched on issues like climate change, trade and infrastructure that affect rural America.

“Leading up to and during the Iowa State Fair, several presidential hopefuls dropped detailed policy plans for revitalizing rural communities,” the NFU said.

“The plans vary on the specifics, but coalesce around similar themes: incentivizing climate-smart agriculture, improving rural infrastructure and access to broadband, addressing corporate consolidation, establishing fair trade policies, expanding health care, and job creation.”

NFU noted that Democratic hopefuls Julián Castro and Bill De Blasio do not have any rural or agricultural platforms on their campaign websites.

The Daily Yonder, an online publication of the nonpartisan Center for Rural Strategies, has compiled a summary of candidate quotes and positions on rural issues, noting that eight of the Democratic candidates have released comprehensive rural policy plans, and another six have included rural initiatives in other major policy documents.

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