Carter leaves Bison association for Flower Hill Institute |

Carter leaves Bison association for Flower Hill Institute

National Bison Association Executive Director Dave Carter announced today, March 28, that he will be stepping down as the organization’s leader after more than two decades in that position.

Carter said in an email he will join the Flower Hill Institute in New Mexico as part of a team that will serve as a hub that will provide technical assistance and outreach for the Agricultural Marketing Service’s $1 billion program to expand meat and poultry processing capacity.

No date has been set for Carter’s departure from the association. He said he will be working with the board of directors to assure a smooth transition to new leadership.

“Leading the National Bison Association for the past 21 years has been the highest professional honor of my life,” Carter said.

“Never a day has passed that I didn’t learn something from this magnificent animal, and from the people who have the privilege to be part of the buffalo community.”

NBA president Chad Kremer noted, “Mr. Carter has worked tirelessly alongside the staff, board, and members of this great association over the last 20 years. He came into the bison community at a very tumultuous time when the market hit a bottom. His dedication and passion for serving members and learning the ‘buffalo way’ led him to invest in bison of his own. That speaks volumes about his passion for this great animal. His knowledge and connections helped move the bison industry to a new level that was needed.”


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