Catching the big one |

Catching the big one

Roger Bredehoft showing off his amazing catch- Rainbow trout caught in southeastern Wyoming.

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My husband has always said that fishing isn’t just about catching the “big one,” but is more about getting out and enjoying being in the outdoors.

“Catching fish is an added bonus to the day,” he says. However, I think anglers hold a secret longing of catching a record size fish each time they cast their fly line. On one such occasion, and after a long hard day of fishing with no luck, his dad caught a huge fish that brought many smiles and one excellent story.

The day was a cool Wyoming fall day. My husband, his dad, and their favorite fishing buddy took off for a day of fishing at the river. The weather was not exactly perfect; overcast skies with long stretches of cold rain made for a less than pleasant day of fishing. On top of cold and gloomy weather, fishing was slow – very slow. No nibbles, no bites, nothing.

Having left with high hopes for the day, they all returned back to our house a bit discouraged about the outcome of their day out fishing.

At the time, my husband and I were living out in the country and lived close to some nearby ponds. With nothing better to do, they all decided they would fish the ponds; the outcome could not be any worse than it already was.

After awhile, I heard loud and happy voices before I heard the door to our house open. All of them were ecstatic; each one had such a huge grin on their face that you would have thought they all had just caught the biggest fish around. Well, my father-in-law had caught the biggest rainbow trout of his life and after letting them all tell me the story about the catch, I finally saw the proof on the digital camera.

Getting out and fly fishing in the outdoors is about enjoying the open spaces and companionship of fellow fly fishing buddies. Catching the “big one” can make any day better and any smile wider. Although there never seems to be quite enough time to fly fish as often as my husband would like, I know the stories and the memories he has will stay with him for a lifetime.

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