Cattle rustler could face 26 years in prison |

Cattle rustler could face 26 years in prison


Justin Tyler Greer, 36, was extradited to Tulare County, California, following what Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux calls a case of “21st century cattle rustling.” Greer will appear in Tulare County Court on Feb. 21 for a preliminary hearing setting. Stuart Anderson, public information officer, Office of the District Attorney in Tulare County, said this hearing is a precursor to a preliminary hearing, which is when the evidence will be brought before a judge who will decide if the evidence warrants a trial. According to Anderson, Greer is not currently in custody as he awaits his first court appearance.

Counts included in the felony complaint filed span from 2015 to 2017 and include felony grand theft of personal property through the theft of, among other charges, calves valued at $70,000 and bulls valued at $40,000 from G&G Cattle and another individual; $353,876.53 in personal property, calves valued at $67,680 from Timmerman Cattle; as well as personal property from five additional parties totaling more than $1.5 million. Authories would not confirm the locations of G&G Cattle and Timmerman Cattle.

Additionally, the complaint details multiple felony securities offering violations in which Greer unlawfully offered to sell cattle to a partnership from multiple sellers while offering only a promissory note to sellers. The three securities offering violations each exceed $65,000.

The felony complaint filed in Tulare County details 16 counts as well as notice to the defendant that the aggravated sentence may be sought. If convicted on all counts, Anderson said Greer could face 26 years in prison.

According to a previous release from the department, 900 head of cattle shipped to Wyoming by Greer have been recovered following an investigation that spanned more than six months and involved multiple agencies. ❖

— By Rachel Spencer Gabel, for The Fence Post