Cattlewomen calling on the Capitol |

Cattlewomen calling on the Capitol

The Logan County Cattlewomen are a relatively new group, though Logan County boasts a thriving cattle-raising and feeding community. On the heels of a successful and well attended annual meeting, the group, encouraged by Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg, decided to reinstitute what was previously a Legislator’s Steak Fry. The group dubbed it Cattlewomen Calling on the Capitol and they set to work to make it happen.

President Britt Pratt, a cattle buyer for her family’s McEndaffer Feedyard in Merino, Colo., said the group was excited to rekindle the tradition of grilling steaks for guests, including legislators, aides, and others at the Capitol from both sides of the aisle. The protein producers in Logan County were quick to throw their support behind the event, donating the steaks and all of the other items necessary for a memorable meal.

Prior to the meal, the group sat in on the Senate floor as Sonnenberg and Senate Agriculture Committee Chair Kerry Donovan declared March 24 to be Ag Day.

Pratt reached out to Gov, Jared Polis’ office and he also joined the group and enjoyed a steak dinner. Pratt said the group served nearly 100 steaks to attendees. The group of cattle women themselves, were made up of ranchers, teachers, farmers, bankers, moms, and wives.

Gov. Jared Polis and Britt Pratt at the steak dinner the LCCW hosted. Pratt said Polis spoke, ate, and engaged with members for about an hour. Courtesy photo.

“As we sat and ate, he asked what he could do better,” she said. “So we told him. We asked him to stop appointing animal activists to ag boards and committees. He agreed and assured us they are working to put measures in place to prevent another Ellen Kessler.”

After dinner, Pratt said Polis addressed the group, calling Colorado farmers and ranchers a “valuable, vibrant, and growing part of Colorado.” Pratt said Polis stayed after he spoke and engaged with several members, which she said was encouraging.

Volunteers from Logan County served steaks for legislators, aids, interns and others at the Capitol on March 24, 2022.

“Our goal was to simply eat some beef and tell our stories and make some connections so that our legislators can put some faces to Colorado agriculture,” she said. “We left Denver to head back to the plains feeling accomplished.”

In all, 11 members of the LCCW attended and items for the meal and the facility rental were provided by Kevin and Jaci Wagner, Kim Suter, Jim and Becky Santomaso and Bret and Tina McEndaffter.



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