Cattlewomen hosting heifer feeding contest and calcutta |

Cattlewomen hosting heifer feeding contest and calcutta

McEndaffer Feedyard in Merino will host the heifers for the contest, all in the same pen and on the same ration. Photo by Britt Pratt

The Logan and Washington County Cattlewomen are hosting a heifer feeding contest to raise funds to support their efforts to promote the cattle industry within and outside their communities. Though feeding contests are common, the cattlewomen have added their own twist, feeding only heifers.

“Both the Logan and Washington County Cattlewomen groups are dedicated to the cattle and beef industries and our members represent nearly all facets of the value chain,” LCCW president Britt Pratt said. “We have members across northeastern Colorado and the proceeds from this contest will allow us to support our communities and our cattle-raising community in meaningful ways.”

To enter, heifers weighing between 550 and 750 pounds and weaned 30 days must be delivered to McEndaffer Feedlot in Merino on Nov. 12. Heifers will be weighed 10-15 days after arrival to determine a starting weight. This feeding contest is open to all supporters of the cattle industry and those who wish to enter but don’t own cattle, the groups have a list of producers who are willing to sell heifers for the contest.

Heifers will be on feed for 180-220 days and will be reweighed at 90 days to determine position for the Calcutta auction, which will be hosted with a banquet midway through the contest with details announced soon. At the conclusion of the contest, heifers will be sold by the feedyard on the grid and shipped to Cargill in Fort Morgan where they will be processed, and grading and evaluation will take place.

The two cattlewomen’s groups will retain 10% of the sale of the heifers and 10% of the Calcutta auction proceeds. Any remaining money will be returned to the heifer owners as prize money for the top 10 performers in rate of gain and carcass.

Champion and Reserve Champion winners will be based off the highest score across the two parameters, daily rate of gain and carcass value. Pratt said both winners will receive belt buckles and bragging rights. For more information, contact Pratt at (970) 580-1861.

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