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CBPP: Rule would cause immigrants to lose food and other benefits

A new Department of Homeland Security draft rule that says immigrants who make use the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and other benefits would be subject to deportation “would institute a radical change in immigration rules that could make it much more difficult both for many immigrants lawfully in the United States to remain here and for many seeking legal entry to come,” Robert Greenstein, president of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities said Monday.

The proposed rule, posted over the weekend, would consider such immigrants inadmissible because they wouid be defined as “public charges” unable to support themselves financially.

“It would sow more fear in immigrant communities and almost certainly lead many immigrants who are in the United States legally to forgo health coverage, nutrition assistance, and housing assistance that their families are eligible for and need,” Greenstein said.

“It would harm children and likely lead to more family separation,” he said.

“It would hurt many workers in our communities who perform important but low-paid jobs, often under difficult conditions. And it would diminish many children’s long-term prospects and thereby weaken the future U.S. workforce, in service to a nativist agenda that’s antithetical to our nation’s professed values.

“The rule would essentially put a price tag on obtaining legal U.S. residency, turning our immigration system into one that heavily favors prospective immigrants with wealth over those who seek to follow the path of upward mobility that for centuries has brought millions of immigrants to our shores and enriched our country and economy in the process.”

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