CCAC elects new leadership |

CCAC elects new leadership

The Colorado Corn Administrative Committee is pleased to announce that three directors have been elected to serve in leadership positions including president, vice president/treasurer and secretary. The elected members are as follows:

President: Rod Hahn, Yuma

Vice President/Treasurer: Josh Hasart, Bethune

Secretary: Matt Mulch, Burlington

This is Hahn’s first term as president, and he served as vice president last year. He has also served as secretary. Hasart has served as the secretary for the past two years, and Burlington is new to the leadership team. All three have served on the CCAC board of directors before. 

“I am thankful to have the opportunity to serve as president of the CCAC. I am excited with the new direction of the CCAC, and look forward to working with the other directors, the staff and our corn producers across the state for the betterment of the corn industry,” Hahn said. 

He continued, “I am also excited about the changes to our Action Teams, as they will be the driving force behind what we are doing, and I encourage our producers to apply to be on these teams.”

The Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture recently approved a market order change relating to the size of the CCAC board of directors, reducing the board from 20 to seven members. Those seven members include:

  • Rod Hahn, Yuma
  • Josh Hasart, Bethune
  • Matt Mulch, Burlington
  • Alex Eckhardt, La Salle
  • Jeremy Fix, Wray
  • Jessica Brophy, Yuma
  • Wayne Brew, Delta

The Colorado Corn Administrative Committee is a statewide board that consists of seven directors. Members of the CCAC are appointed by the State Commissioner of Agriculture from nominations submitted by corn producers.

For more information about the CCAC board of directors, please visit

American Angus Association announces the 10 Colorado breeders who registered the most Angus
The 10 producers who registered the most Angus beef cattle in the state of Colorado recorded a total of 2,150 Angus with the American Angus Association during fiscal year 2022, which ended Sept. 30, according to Mark McCully, association chief executive officer.
The 10 top recorders in Colorado are: Gale L and Cynthia Haynes, Holyoke; Jason D Koberstein, Holyoke; Huwa Cattle Co, Roggen; Roger Mc Connell, Fort Collins; Spruce Mountain Ranch LLC, Larkspur; Pharo Cattle Company, Cheyenne Wells; Diamond Peak Cattle Co, Craig; Amen Angus Farms Inc, Iliff; Parry Angus, Sterling; Loya/Wardell Angus, Platteville.         
Angus breeders across the nation in 2022 registered 304,822 head of Angus cattle. “Our association members lead the industry in adopting new technology and breeding the most problem-free cattle for their customers,” McCully said. “Cattlemen across the country continue to find registered Angus seedstock are the most profitable option for their herd.”
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