CDA accepting applications for drought resiliency project funding |

CDA accepting applications for drought resiliency project funding

Over the past several years, many farmers and ranchers have been affected by multi-year effects of a changing climate, including the 2018 drought and the 2019 freeze. After several years of unusual weather patterns, a warm spring, dry summer, and critically hot autumn further contributed to the 2020 record-breaking wildfire season. So far in 2021, Colorado has experienced a long lasting and severe drought in most parts of the state.

These hardships have caused deep economic and ecological costs to agriculture in Colorado and Colorado Department of Agriculture is launching a program that aims to mitigate some of those losses and prepare farmers and ag producers for the future of a changing climate.

CDA is now accepting applications for a competitive grant program to assist with projects that help Colorado anticipate, prepare for, mitigate, adapt to, or respond to any event, trend, or climatological disturbance related to drought or climate.

Resulting from Senate Bill 21-234, this funding is intended to support drought and climate resilience efforts for agricultural producers.

CDA will award approximately $1.5 million in grants for drought-related projects. Projects that can demonstrate long-term and widespread benefits will be the most competitive. Funding can also be used to match investments in new projects.

The purpose of the competitive grant program is to respond to Colorado’s prolonged drought conditions caused by absent monsoon seasons, record-high temperatures, and extreme evaporative demands from wind, low humidity and high temperatures.

Applications must be submitted through an online application before Thursday, Sept. 30, 2021 by 5 p.m. MT.

During your application process, you will be asked to answer the following questions. Please be prepared to add the answers to these questions to the google form, as there is no ability to save an application once you begin.

Describe how the area/region associated with the project has been impacted by drought.

Provide a brief narrative description of your project (what do you want funding to do, and why?)

Provide a description of the expected impacts below. Is there evidence (studies, reports, maps, etc.) to support your proposal? You may email additional supporting documents to:

Does the project involve multiple stakeholders/partners? Please describe.

More information about applying can be found at You can also contact if you have any questions.


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