CDA Releases All Trich Quarantines |

CDA Releases All Trich Quarantines

The Colorado Department of Agriculture has released all bovine trichomoniasis quarantines in the state.

“While this is good news for Colorado’s cattle producers, continued vigilance is important to protecting this state’s herds,” said Commissioner of Agriculture, John Stulp. “I encourage ranchers to keep informed and continue testing their herds to help prevent this spread of this infection.”

So far in 2008, 37 Colorado facilities in 16 counties have had trichomoniasis quarantines. In 2007, there were a total of 14 counties with trichomoniasis quarantines.

“Trich” is a costly, yet preventable, infection that can affect dairy and beef cattle. If bulls become infected, the percentage of open cows can increase from 5 to 30 percent. Trich is a venereal disease of cattle caused by Trich,omonas foetus (T. Foetus). The T foetus infection causes fertility problems, such as early embryonic death or abortion of the calf, and is asymptomatic in bulls.

Colorado trich regulations require all non-virgin bulls changing ownership or being transported into Colorado be tested for T. foetus unless the animal is going to slaughter. Bulls on public land grazing permits or with grazing associations must also be tested prior to turn-out.

CDA is forming the Trichomoniasis Scientific Advisory Committee to look into the science of trichomoniasis. The committee will be made up of CDA staff, CSU employees and members of the CSU Extension service. The group will look at the science of “trich” including how it is transmitted in the field and diagnosed in the laboratory. The next step will be to translate the task force’s findings into practical outcomes that may involve changes in rules, policy and educational efforts and have those potential changes reviewed and discussed within the livestock industry.

Several diagnostic laboratories across the state offer trich testing; samples must be taken by an accredited veterinarian and results will be available between four to six days. For testing questions call CDA Animal Industry Division at (303) 239-4161.


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