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Cedar Creek II wind farm ready for construction

BP Wind Energy of Houston said Wednesday that construction on the Cedar Creek II wind farm in northeast Weld County is ready to begin.

The project will have a generating capacity of 250.8 megawatts. When completed by mid-2011, it will be one of the largest wind facilities in Colorado.

Cedar Creek II will be located on a 30,000-acre site about 20 miles north of New Raymer and east of the existing 300.5-megawatt Cedar Creek I wind farm. The new project will utilize 63 wind turbines with a rated capacity of 1.6 megawatts each and 60 wind turbines with a rated capacity of 2.5 megawatts each.

“Today marks another significant investment commitment by BP Wind Energy as we continue to build out our wind portfolio across this nation,” BP Wind Energy President John Graham said in a news release. “The Cedar Creek II wind farm will create new jobs in construction, deliver an additional revenue stream to rural communities without impacting traditional ranching practices, and will provide clean, affordable power to over 75,000 residents of Colorado.”

The project will employ about 250 workers during peak construction and is expected to be in commercial operation in the first half of 2011. The construction contract has been awarded to Blather Energy, the largest installer of wind energy in North America.

Power from the Cedar Creek II wind farm has been sold under a long-term power purchase agreement to Public Service Company of Colorado.

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