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Celebrating 30 years with you!

Logan Schliinz, Becky Schnabel, Amiella Dietz, Charley Wadsworth and Gary Loftus.

In June 1980 the first issue of the Fence Post was published (eight pages in broadsheet) by McMillen Publishing Company of Fort Collins, Colo. The paper changed ownership in November 1984 and continues to be owned by Swift Communications.

The paper has grown from a small eight page to what it is now a paper of 160 pages or more every week.

What has fuel this growth and separates us from the rest of the Field?

It’s our people. Each and every one of us that work here every business day seek to accomplish the very basic goal of accommodating you, the customer.

We are, of course, subject to the very same challenges and struggles that can and do affect the best of plans. When we slip and fall, we hear from you … and we learn from your valuable input.

This special issue celebrates 30 years in business, and it reflects our commitment to you.

As readers, dealers and advertisers this is your paper.

This is and always has been our core belief … we have no intention or desire to impose our own personal, political or technical viewpoints on you. We hold this straight-forward philosophy very close to our hearts … right where it belongs.

On Behalf of all the staff, allow me to say thank you. We are proud to publish the Fence Post each and every week and we look forward to the next 30 years.

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