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Celebrating National Day of the Cowboy

Gentle readers, this coming July 28, will be the eighth annual National Day of the American Cowboy! Yep, that would be right. In 2004 our government did something right. They decided that maybe it was time to honor individuals that represent what the U.S. of A. considers it’s core values such as honor, honesty, moral values, hard work and “ridin’ for the brand.”

Of course I know that not every one out there that considers himself or herself a cowboy or cowgirl reflects the image we conger up when we think about the American cowboy (cowgirl). There are misfits in every occupation, however, I think that the American cowboy and cowgirl that are in the business of taking care of livestock on a daily basis would fill out the bill pretty good when it comes to those time honored traditions we attach to cowboys.

When we honor the American cowboy that would include rodeo cowboys, feedlot cowboys, and anyone who is a cowboy at heart regardless of their regular occupation. The American cowboy is respected all over the world and countries like France, Germany and many other European countries are big into the “cowboy culture” because it offers a lifestyle that most folks would like to think they could be a part of.

I have worked with a good many cowboys and some cowgirls over the 30 year span of “punchin” cows and have found the majority to absolutely love what they do and want to do it for as long as possible. “Cowboyin’,” like a lot of other jobs, is considered a young man’s job. Yep, there are those old guys up in their 80s and 90s that still participate in one way or another. There are more 80-year-old cowboys out there than you might imagine. Why? That’s been their whole life and to them there is no reason to do anything else, especially retire and sit on their collective butts.

Cowboys are a proud bunch and have every right to be proud, so pat yourself of the back if you enjoy that life style.

I was in Wally World the other day looking at shirts when a young woman and her two little girls about six and seven approached me to look at some of the shirts I was considering. I had passed them just a few moments before and the woman gave me an unexpected smile and a big “Hi”. I responded by telling her how cute her girls were. Now here they were again and the woman, who was extremely pretty, began a conversation about shirts and just small talk in general when one of the little girls who had been watchin’ me closely blurted out, “We like cowboys!” The woman, a little embarrassed, blushed and decided it was time for them to go get their groceries.

I got tickled at the little one, who had figured out by now that she shouldn’t have been so vocal as she shot a glance at her mom and then ducked her head. I had groceries to buy as well and we would all meet again from time to time as we turned blind corners and almost bumped into one another. Big grins all the way.

Cowboys are a proud bunch and have every right to be proud, so pat yourself of the back if you enjoy that life style.

As a side bar, I will be at Jax Farm and Ranch store in La Porte, Colo., on the 28 of this month to meet and greet you gentle readers should you decide to stop by. They are having a big “Day of the Cowboy” celebration. We’d love to see ya. It’s my understanding that I will be there from 10 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon and I will have a little artwork for sale, should you be interested.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c y’all, all y’all. ❖


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