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Central Plains Irrigation conference Feb. 19-20

CSU Extension

The Central Plains Irrigation Association is holding their annual conference and exposition at the Regency Hotel in Greeley, Colo., on Feb. 19-20, 2008.

Issues that will be discussed in the conference include limited irrigation management. This issue will discuss irrigation, cropping and tillage management strategies to lessen the impact of reduced water supplies available. Topics will include irrigation strategies for alfalfa, oilseed crops, and research and demonstration results from Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas. Residue management will also be discussed.

Another topic will be manure management in with irrigation and irrigated crops. Talks will include management of applying liquid waste through an irrigation system, solid manure management and system design and considerations for applying through a center pivot.

An emerging issue in the South Platte Basin is salinity. Salinity impacts the productivity of the land and irrigation management is critical to manage salinity. Discussions will include identifying salinity, a study of salinity in the South Platte Basin, and salinity management.

System conversion considerations will also be presented. Presentations include considerations for conversion to subsurface drip or mechanical drive irrigation. Another presentation will include the economics of system conversion. Where do certain systems make the most economical sense and what is the cost of installation.

Another topic will be ET and Irrigation Scheduling. Discussion will include information on improving irrigation management with the use of crop water use and programs that will help producers manage their irrigation.

The cost of this conference is $75 per person or $85 per person if you are applying for CCA CEU’s. Registration includes breaks, luncheons and a printed proceedings of the conference. For more information, please contact Joel Schneekloth with Colorado State University Extension at (970) 345-0508 or Donna Lamm with the Central Plains Irrigation Association at (785) 462-7574. More information on the conference is also available on the internet at http://www.oznet.ksu.edu/irrigate/cpia.htm.


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