Championship Rodeo at 100th Greeley Stampede is a winner

June 30 short go lives up to century mark hype

The Greeley Stampede’s final round of rodeo delivered on the high expectations set for celebrating its 100th year. Whether it was barrel racer Shelley Morgan winning back-to-back titles, bull rider Chance Schott making the only qualified ride to win more than $5,000 for the effort, or the famous bucking bronc Killer Bee lighting up the big crowd by helping saddle bronc cowboy Hardy Braden win a title plus set an arena record with an 89.50-point score, Greeley’s short go helped the long-running rodeo celebrate its century mark in style.

“I like the short go — always have, always will,” said PRCA Hall of Fame stock contractor Bennie Beutler, whose Beutler and Son Rodeo Company has been supplying stock in Greeley since 1982. “In a short go, people get to see the winners. To me, that helps the whole rodeo business. That is what the people come to see, is the winners. If you don’t like it up here (in Greeley), you won’t like anything,” he summed up with a grin.

Texas Longhorns lead the way for the daily parade through the Greeley Stampede grounds. The western spectacle is a treat for visitors to the historic event, as they get to watch the cattle, cowboys and cowgirls on horseback, rodeo queens, and even Bucky the mascot up close and personal from each side of the narrow street that winds through the park.
2022 Miss Rodeo America — Hailey Frederiksen from Wellington, Colo. — speeds through the Greeley Stampede arena as she is introduced to the big crowd before the start of the final round of rodeo action at the 100th Greeley Stampede. Frederiksen was Miss Rodeo Colorado for 2020-2021 before earning the Miss Rodeo America crown, so the Greeley Stampede rodeo is a special location for her.
2022 Miss Rodeo Colorado — Ashley Baller of Parker, Colo. — pushed an all-out gallop through the Greeley Stampede arena while being introduced to the crowd before the start of the June 30 short go at the 100th Greeley Stampede in Greeley, Colo. The Miss Rodeo Colorado pageant has been held during the Greeley Stampede rodeo for decades, so it is in effect the Colorado state queen's home rodeo.
Parents step in to give their youngsters some encouragement behind the scenes before the kids go out to take part in the always popular mutton busting event during the final round of rodeo action in 2022's 100th Greeley Stampede.
The bareback bronc Black Kat did it again in Greeley, providing yet another short go high score and/or a Greeley Stampede overall title to whoever gets the lucky draw to ride her in the final round. In 2022's 100th Greeley Stampede, three-time PRCA champion Tim O'Connell matched up well aboard the athletic bronc to score 88.5 points for a crowd-pleasing high score in the short go on Thursday June 30. With that score, O'Connell moved from seventh up to fourth overall in the average.
Showmanship and trick riding were on display during the 100th Greeley Stampede as Magic in Motion brought their skills to the arena to entertain the crowd between performances, including this Roman Riding run complete with fire.
New Mexico tie down roper Shad Mayfield's fastest time in the short go of 7.8 seconds also earned him the average title in 2022's 100th Greeley Stampede.
A trick riding exhibition by "Magic in Motion" was put on for the big crowd attending 2022's Greeley Stampede short go.
Team Ropers Andrew Ward and Buddy Hawkins II nailed down the fastest time of the short go in 5.0 seconds flat to not only win the final round, but also earn the 100th Greeley Stampede's team roping title by one-tenth of a second over the second place finishers.


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