Check out The Fence Post’s new online commenting features |

Check out The Fence Post’s new online commenting features

Changes are brewing at

Beginning late this afternoon and into this evening, you will be seeing some new features at that were designed to give online readers more options and more control of their experience on the site, specifically in the article comments sections.

You will notice several perks to this latest upgrade to our system, including:

• BLOCK USERS: If there is a particular online user whose comments you’d prefer to not see, now you can block that user’s comments from your view. Just click on the word “block” under a comment posted by the person. Remember, this function only works if you are logged in.

• DELETE YOUR OWN: Did you just post a comment that you now regret? The latest system gives you the ability to delete your own comments. To delete one of your comments, look for the red delete icon beneath the comment and click on it.

• THUMBS UP OR THUMBS DOWN: If you really like someone’s comment – or really don’t like it – now you can give that comment a “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” by clicking on the icons to the right of the specific comment. Then watch the score for that comment go up or down. Want to see what comments on a particular story have the most “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” votes? You can sort your comments list by the highest thumb score, too.

• REPLY THREADS: If you’ve ever had a hard time following some of the comment conversations online, you are going to love the new reply function. When you reply to a specific comment, your reply stays connected to that comment in a thread format.

Of course, you can still click on “report abuse” whenever you see a comment that violates The Fence Post’s terms of use.

If you aren’t a member at The Fence Post’s website, it’s quick, easy and free to get signed up. First, go to Then, click on the “Become a Member” link in the blue Members’ Hub box in the top right corner of the home page.

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