Checking out trailers at the NWSS |

Checking out trailers at the NWSS

Visiting the National Western Stock Show a little early this year. I go for the same reason many of you do. The rodeo, the animal shows, petting zoo and the turkey legs. But I also go to see if anyone brought unique trailers.

Last year I wrote about the new trend in show trailers for steers, goats and pigs. This year I found giant mid tacks and sliding panels in horse trailers. First trailer a Cimarron three horse slant with dramatic V-nose. Later this summer I want to test a fat nose against a v-nose gooseneck trailer. I know I can test which nose can yield better fuel mileage but I want to see if there is a difference in the power it takes to tow these trailers. I’m thinking monitoring which gear each trailer will stay in with cruise control on a truck with 10-speed transmission. This Cimarron Norstar three-horse has a very impressive mid-tack. It seems like the way to get the biggest tack room is in the middle or rear of the trailer. Double doors with an adjustable four-place saddle rack and stirrup tray is mounted inside the door. The door latching mechanism for the saddle rack resembles a vault and is smooth. The other door has the fold-out blanket rack. So much room in the mid-tack you could stack hay in it. The neck has a shelf just for the plexiglass from the side slats. It also contains big foot lockers and more shelves. I like the stall man door which means the mid-tack can be a mud room. To keep the trailer on the road are 14-ply tires on 19.5-low-profile aluminum wheels.

Next CJ with Transwest shows me the new straight load and box stall Norstar warm blood Cimarron horse trailer. The straight load stalls in the rear can be unlatched and will slide the divider with stud wall to the side and lock in place. The floating wall idea is big on Cimarron’s stock show trailers. Now you have lots of room for hay, and a side by side or Mini-Cooper. Then the front box stall has a giant side ramp, elephant size that you could load your golf cart or I guess horses, complete with an escape door. The new brass billet hinge pins are greasable as are all Cimarron hinges but as a one piece billet pin, what looks like washers are part of the pin between hinge pieces.

Another trend with trailers are toy haulers. I have one and we camp in it, haul our ATVs and side by side. Horse trailer manufactures like Cimarron and Logan Coach are adding new trailer lines to keep up with changing needs of customers who want to camp with horses or their off-road buggies. Ultimate Sport Hauler from Logan Coach is a toy hauler with living quarters in several sizes. Slide out options give you more living room and you can have a solid wall separating where you sleep and eat from where the gas eaters are loaded. Or you can not have a wall and with folding couches and dinette you can load quads all the way to the bathroom. One thing I wish my toy hauler had is a fuel cell. Both of the Logan Coaches at Transwest have fuel tanks to refuel your toys on the trail. The rear ramp is a dove tail for easy loading of the toys. With the popularity of motorized trail riding, you won’t run out of choices in trailers. ❖

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